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I remember each and every one of you who came into my life and my heart. You all touched me deeply with your innocense and charm, with your comical antics and unconditional love. I still have your photos and all the beautiful memories that we shared.

It was Tai who died years ago in the month of May. I loved you the best and miss you the most. My gorgeous, loving himalayan, we had 19 precious years together and I am ever so grateful to have had you as long as I did. Grateful too for Ariel, Gabrielle, Kitty, and Shane.
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I'm sorry for your losses.
Each one of our beloved pets is very special and will never be forgotten.
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Awwww, RIP all you babies You are remembered always and missed
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I'm so sorry for your losses.
Thank Heaven that the memory of them never leaves us.
We'd never want to forget any of our RB babies.
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Thanks so much!
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I hope all your angels are having fun at the bridge

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Its always sad to reflect on those that have left us, but its also a wonderful memorial to them too

The special times they gave us bring that smile across our face and that is something so precious and sacred Let us never forget

RIP Sweet ones you are always loved and missed
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Thanks ladies!
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RIP babies
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