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Dogs Meet Kitten

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Does anyone have any advice on introducing a new kitten to two dogs. The most important thing about dogs meeting dogs is sociallise, socialise, but everything I read about cat's says, keep them in the isolated until they get used to an area and then slowly introduce them to people and pets? Any tips?
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Vix, I haven't been in this situation but I know that we do have quite a few "mixed" families on the board (dogs and cats, I mean). I'm sure they will have loads of advice to give.

I'm going to move this to the Behavior Forum where our experts are more likely to see this.
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Hi Vix

What can you tell me about the two dogs? I have a German Shepherd and she is introduced to kitties all the time with great success. She is also a great substitute mom for motherless litters, letting them cuddle up to her and crawl all over her. But tell me about your dogs and then I will let you know some tips you can use.
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Thanks for a quick response!
Wiz is a Koolie ( Australia dog bit like a B collie) She is 2 and the dominant female, she used to have a cat friend when she was a pup, but hasn't had contact with one for a long time. Floyd is 1 and is a Collie, Jack Russel and other things bitza. He is really friendly and boisterous. Wiz is very protective of Floyd ( and her food!)

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This is what I use and it is very successful. It involves a bit of expense though and some patience, but it works for every stray kitten or litter that comes through.

I have a huge steel cage in our front room. Normally, the door of this cage is always open and this is where our dog sleeps, or where she goes on command when someone comes to the front door. It is large enough for 2 german shepherds to turn around and lie in it. (that is the expense I was talking about). I call it our Hospitality Cage, and when we get new kittens, I put them inside the cage, with all their necessities of course, and close the door. This gives the dog and the other cats a chance to get to know the newcomers, and keeps the kittens safe.

You watch for the dogs reaction, how hyper they get, how aggressive, if you see aggression then you need to use this process only about 20 minutes every day for about a week, other than that keep the kittens safely tucked into another room, or the dogs outside. Put the dog's blanket inside the cage, then once the kitties have had it a few days, give it back to the dogs. Watching your dogs is key- watch the body language. The kittens will hiss and spit that is normal, but the more you introduce them together (safely) the easier the transistion is. Once the body language is relaxed, simply leave the cage door open and let them meet each other on their terms, supervised of course.
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Here is Kenai after her introduction to this litter of orphans

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That is great advice. thank you
We have an open plan livingroom/kitchen with a kitchen counter that creates a sort of doorway effect between the two. We could easily fence the kitchen off so they can see and smell each other but the kitten is safe behind 'bars'

We have already sent an item of clothing to the litter, so we can introduce the smell of the kitten to the dogs ( with praise and treats) before they meet.

The picture is great - feeling very positive about a future happy family.
Thanks again
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I just wanted to thank Hissy for the advice on introducing our dogs to their new Kitten friend. I can't believe how well it has gone. It has only been 4 days and already Cosmo Cat , Folyd and Wiz are bonding well.

We started with building the fence between rooms so they could see and smell each other but at a safe distance. Obviously within a day Cosmo was climbing over, and running around the living room with the two dogs following him around. Absolutely fasinated but no aggression what so ever.

This morning Cosmo was running between Wiz's legs and floyd was licking his ears. We still have the fence in case it get's too much for Cosmo, having two large dogs at his heals, but it is looking as though it is more likely to be Wiz anf Floyd who get scared.

Thanks again Hissy

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That's great news Vix!! Everyone here with mixed pet families agrees that no matter the size difference, it inevitably ends up that the cat rules the roost.
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I had to add this, last night my friend and her dog Moby came over to the house. My two, Wiz & Floyd and this one are all great friends, but as soon as Moby went near Cosmo (kitten) Wiz jumped in between them and growled. It's only been a week and a half and Wiz is protecting Cosmo!

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