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Small kitten...

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Hi just a question... my friend's boyfriend just brought home a kitten for them (they just got a new house together)... and he got it from a pet store. They said he is 8 wks old... first of all, are they supposed to be seperated from their mom at that age? And he is only 1lb. Is that normal? I went over the other day and he is just so TINY. and he meows all the time... i just have a feeling he's either younger than they say or something. But again, I know nothing about kittens. Thanks!!
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They can be, since they should be weaned. But its not recommended. THe meowing may be because hes lonly or scared.
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When I got my cats Pippin and Merry (RB), I was told they were 8 weeks old. It actually turns out when I did the math that they were more like 5-6 weeks. They should actually stay with the mom until about 10-12 weeks, but I didn't know that back then. I had always heard that 8 weeks was ok.

Anyways, as long as he is eating, and drinking and eliminating ok, he should be fine. They should keep an eye on his weight and give him lots of cuddles, take him in for a vet check to make sure he doesn't have fleas or worms.
Keep him in a small space, so he doesn't get lost (when they aren't able to watch him). Young kittens need to be near their litter box because they can't hold it as long as adults.
He's probably crying because he misses his mom and siblings.
Pet stores are pretty notorious for selling kittens that are too young. They often take in litters from backyard breeders, and often those kittens are inbred.
Did they buy the kitten or adopt it from a shelter? Lots of petstores now have humane society cats that they adopt out.

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Taking him to the vet is one of the first steps. The vet will be able to pinpoint the age. If you consider the life the little guy has had so far, you can see why he may cry. As long as he is vetted, loved, fed, played with, he should be okay soon.

My Daphne was 1 pound at 8 weeks but she is a long, thin cat. She doubled her weight in just over a week after that. They really should be with mom until 12 weeks so this little guy will still have some learning to do.

Could you get your friend to join TCS? That way we can see photos
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The average weight at 8 weeks is 2 pounds, but obviously some are smaller and larger than that. If truly 1 pounds, she is probably a little bit younger than that.

I agree with others, get as snuggly with her as your friend can and perhaps get a stuffed animal for her to snuggle with. A Snuggle Kitty is ideal, but you have to order online and it could take a little time to obtain one.
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awww poor thing. hes prob scared at being alone! i will agree and say that it should be checked out by a vet for health and age.

I would say they would be better off with a second kitten, preferable from the same litter if they could, but if not then from the same age, so the kitten wont feel so alone, and has a companion to play and snuggle with.
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Hey guys...sorry I can't be on here as much as I'd like, I just read your replies. Today we had a bad day regarding Rufus.

My friend noticed he wasn't eating from last night, and this morning was very lathargic... she immediately took him to the vet. The vet tried to get him better but his little heart couldn't take it, and went into cardiac arrest. The vet said "he" was actually a she and also was only 4 to 5 weeks at best. That means when she got him (he will always be Rufus/him to us) he was sold to her boyfriend at only 2 weeks old. He should have been with his momma. She came into work late today and I asked her what happened and she just started crying... and I almost did too... my poor Kimmy. She got so attached to this little guy.

Kim and her boyfriend went back to the pet store today (he bought the cat for $200!!!! AND found out Rufus probably didn't even have any shots because he wouldnt have been able to take shots at 2 weeks old... he was just a DSH, not a purebreed, not that any cat isnt priceless but you know what i mean)... the guy ended up telling them that "oh yeah by the way 4 other cats from that same litter died, I was going to call you, but I forgot" ... he refunded the $200 but would not do a thing about the vet bill, which by CT law, he's responsible for. I urged her to take more action, and it looks like she will. I already wrote the humane society and our local news station.

May our little Ruf rest in peace, he was a little spitfire until he got sick. Hopefully justice will come to this man and his unethical pet shop. It looks like Kim and her boyfriend will be getting another kitten from their vet, who has 6 week old kittens right now but are holding them until they are 8 weeks... I would have preferred her to go to a humane society or protectors of animals and wait til they were at least 12 weeks but what can ya do...

thank you for your support and help.
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OHhhh geez, poor little thing - willing to bet it was from a kitten mill too. You can't take kittens from mom at 2 weeks old; unless the mother was bred to death and the kitten mill got rid of the kittens as fast as they could.

PLEASE adopt from a rescue, shelter or someone that has kept their kittens with mom/siblings for a MINIMUM of 10 weeks old (preferable with at least one set of shots and get him/her neutered/spayed by 3 months old.

Pet shops are the worse place you can get any pet. Be thankful you got the $200 back!
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