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Whoa I just noticed...

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So I was gettin ready to post some pics of my baby... and saw pics of her when I first got her from the Humane Society.... HOLY WEIGHT GAIN BATMAN... now she's chunky AND a furball. HA... I wonder if I should put her on a diet.

Here's a comparison, before and after...

Here's another one...

And here are just some more, and one of me

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She's beautiful I don't think she needs to lose weight. If anything she looked under weight in the first picture.
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She's gorgeous and if you can feel her ribs and hip bones etc. when you pet her (with a thin layer of fat on top so it's not feeling as if the bones are sticking out) she's a healthy weight.

If you can see the ribs she's underweight and if there's a thick layer of fat over her ribs or if you can't feel them at all she's overweight.

She seems just fine judging from the pictures.
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She looks great to me! Looks like her coat has come in thicker/fluffier! She's a pretty girl!
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She looks exactly like my RB cat Kitt. And I thought Kitt was mostly fur, not fat.
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Beautiful cat! Nice pic of you too! Beautiful girl!
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You both look great!
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She looks like Peedoodle! She doesn't look fat at all. Beautiful kitty!
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She's cute! Just looks like her fur came in.
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You are both lovely She looks very healthy now. The first photo, she looks thin. You are taking good care of her
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