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My memory is going!

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I recently made a compilation CD for my uncle and put some recent free MP3s on it. Today I asked him if he'd heard the latest song from this band I like. He said I put it on that CD I did for him so yes he had. I'm pretty sure it was over 4 weeks ago since I did that CD but it turns out it was only 2 weeks ago.

I checked the date of the when the track I have was added to my PC and sure enough it states 12th November 2002. So I must have done it for him 2 weeks ago. I'm quite concerned about this as it's something that's never happened before
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You must have just been distracted when you made the CD, probably by Suki being cute.
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My friend have a name for that! CRS (can remember **it!
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I must have CRS. My memory is horrible. I can't remember what day it is half the time!!!!!!
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Memory loss is a good and a bad thing. It shows that your not as bad as you think because you recognize it. If it was truely a permanent thing you wouldnt have a clue as to anything. Kinda like me...
The bad thing? Never forget Suki!

More than likely, your highly creative and have several projects going at one time. Just be kind to yourself, eat right and exercise.
And one day, you will be a old fart like me and could care less if you forgot it or not because we are having to much fun being creative.

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BuNN, it was probably just a "senior" moment... we all have them!! (some more than others... :laughing:
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Thanks for the ideas

I slept badly last night due to worrying (I'm a worry wart) about it. Now I do remember going round to his house a week earlier and I know he didn't have those MP3s then, so I must have done it for him 2 weeks ago. It also turns out that I made alot of MP3s that day and I remember thinking (one of them had a rude word in it) that he may not like that song I was adding.

Anyway instead of racking my brains I'm going to turn that thought off and ignore it. It'll go away and I'll stop worrying :P
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Ahhhhh Poor BuNN!!!!!!

Don't worry mate, I can tell you what's happened!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the world of women hehehe!!! We all go through a bit of memory loss once a month so as member of this site you have ummmmm well....... a bit of PMS hehehehehe!!!! It happens when a group of woman hang out together a lot or work together, they just all seem to get into rythem with each other *ahem* so although you are a bloke you have just been bonding with us LMAO!!! Don't worry mate, take a pain killer, and lie down with a hotwater bottle!.....Oh and a block of chocolatte seems to help also!

Yours Truly Dr Bundy!

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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EEK! I was told just yesterday I was growing breasts but I didn't think she ment it, lol.

Hehe, at least I'm bonding with a load of kitty lovers. :tounge2:
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Bunn, I was just looking at your website and your cat is so pretty, how old is Suki?
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Hehe, thanx we adore her.

Sukis is about 7-8 years old, we got her when she was 2(roughly, they weren't sure of her age)from the RSPCA. When we got her she was so timid and hid for days.

I remember 4 days after we got her she stuck her claw into my finger and drew blood. I just got up and left the room, I didn't shout at her. I think she was testing the water to see how I would react, that same night she nuzzled me for the first time.

We love Suki, she's so playful and friendly to us. I'd never let her go.
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BuNN as you grow older there are two things that happen to you:
1. Is you start losing your memory
2. Umm.......hmm......I can't remember the second one!

Over in this neck of the woods, we don't call them senior moments, we call them brain farts....can I say that word here?
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LMAO@brain farts!!! :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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I make plenty of brain farts but they don't come from my brain.........EEK!
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I was going to reply to this thread.....but I forgot what i was going to say!
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Who are you? DO I know you?

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*Ahem* ............ Does anyone want to buy some chocolate???

And ummmmm........where am I and what was I doing????
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You were sending me a cheque for $35million, remember? Sheesh and they say my memory is going. Now where did I put my keyboard I need to type something.
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Just wait, gets worse! I am 37 now, and sometimes I walk into a room in my house and can't remember what I went in there for! :laughing:
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I have that sometimes LOL Sometimes I will finish eating something and then walk all the way to the bedroom or the bathroom and then when I get there, I wonder what I am doing there, and then I realise I am supposed to be going to the kitchen to drop off the dishes. DUH ME!
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What happens to me a lot is I walk into a grocery store for say 3 items and once I get inside- I can't for the life of me remember the 3 items and end up getting more than 3- and sometimes not even what I came in for????!!!! I wonder what it is they pipe through those air vents anyway??
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LOL Hissy - I have that problem too!

Only it's usually when I go to the deli and once I walk through the door I'm just so seduced by the gorgeous smells that I end up spending 3 time what I intended too AND I forget what I originally when in there for!
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BuNN, that happens to everyone. I don't think you need to worry. It just means you have too much on your mind! I went through a phase where I would go into another room and forget what I was going to do. It was an everyday event. I did it at work, too. I really started to worry about myself, but then when I was a little less stressed it stopped happening. So don't worry.

What was I talking about?
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My ex used to get out of bed, walk all the way down the hall and find himself in the kitchen saying, "what was I going to do? Oh, yeah - pee!" The bathroom door was next to our bedroom door. HOW did he forget, that quickly?
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I can't remember what this thread is about. Could someone give me a hint so I can post something?????????
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