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Has my baby got worms?

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I got 2 kittens on Friday evening. I believe one is the runt of the litter, she is so tiny.

Anyway they are both eating great but the little one hasn't been to the toilet yet. She has had a few wees but no poops, whereas the larger one has had three!!! My little one has a pot belly too which occasionally feels a bit lumpy.

Has she got worms? Is it going to hurt her badly? Its Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow so I won't be able to get her to the vet until Tuesday? Can it wait that long?

She seems really happy and playful but I am so worried about her.

Be grateful for any advice

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It is very very common for kittens to have worms so I'd say it's likely. How old are they? If you haven't already done so, they need to be taken to the vet for an initial healthcheck, weighing, worming, and first vaccinations, so give the vet a ring tuesday and book an appointment.

If they are very young, it is possible that the little one may need help to stimulate her to defacate the same way mum would do with her tongue, you can do this by wiping her bottom with a warm, wet cotton wool ball. If that doesn't stimulate her to poo I would give the emergency vet a call and explain the situation to them, if there is a problem you are right, she can't go without pooing until tuesday and if she has a bad infestation of worms it could have bound her up completely which will need vet help before tuesday. If she becomes lethargic or sits hunched up and looking uncomfortable definitely take her straight in as an emergency. I hope she goes soon!
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Thanks for your reply...

Well, after much deliberation and a phone call to the emergency vet we took little Poppet for diagnosis.

The vet was all doom and gloom and I got very upset. He gave wormer to begin with and said if she didn't go within 24 hours she would need an x-ray - this would require sedation which would be risky given her size.

ANYWAY - she came home, had her wormer and played all evening with her sister - in fact they drove me nuts playing and leaping around until about 1am!

When I got up this morning I found that she has indeed pooped, and when I say pooped, I mean pooped. It was all over the floor (thank god for laminate!). It was quite runny so Ishe is not out of the woods yet but its progress at least. I am going to take her to our local vet tomorrow for general checks and see what they say.

She is still so happy and playful - she is off her food this morning but has had a big drink of water so I feel a bit better.

Fingers crossed for the next few days.

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