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On the move

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Smudges babies will be three weeks old on tuesday, their all growing well and all weigh over 300g. For the last couple of days they have started to get adventurous and a couple have been trying to climb out of the box. This is really stressing Smudge out to the extent that last night she kept moving them. I found one on the landing which she then took down stairs and left. i put him back in the wardrobe with the others and then she took another and so on. In the end i have moved them all into a dog crate. (i have two small children so it wouldn't have been safe for them to be left in the middle of a room). i don't know what to do as she is meowing at them every second and she doesn't seem to like the crate.. any ideas... Shes always been very protective and it seems like she is stressed because now they are moving around she can't control what they are doing. Should i leave them in the crate which is definatly the safest place
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It would be safer to leave them in the crate when you can't watch them. Just my opinion.

You can always let them out to play when you are there.
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or if she dosnt like the crate , maybe a room where the kids dont play? like your bedroom , or a laundry room?
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