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Post C-Section Help

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My cat, Ears, went into the early stages of labor last week. She had a discharge and was nesting and breathing heavily. I've helped deliver kittens before, and everything seemed normal. Two days after the onset of labor, I walked into the room I had her set up in and it was probably one of the most disturbing things a cat lover could see.

My roommate had sat up with Ears until six in the morning just in case she started to birth the kittens and needed help. At 10 the same morning, I walked in to see that she had a kitten lodged and it was obvious that it had already died. I tried to pull the kitten out and it would not budge and Ears was obviously in a great deal of pain. I rushed her to the vet, but I didn't make it soon enough. The lodged kitten was dead and four more died as soon as they opened her up. A sixth kitten lived but passed a few hours later.

She was kept overnight and given clavamox. It has been several days since she has been home. Last night, her stomach started twitching and she cried out in pain. I've noticed that she has been shaking slightly. I have never had to deal with this kind of situation and I guess my question is if her twitching and shaking is a normal side effect of what she has been through and/or the medication, or if I need to take her back to the vet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Tracy, I see you are still online. Please get your cat to a vet immediately. I know it is the weekend, but if there is a emergency cat clinic in your area, call them and talk to them about this. I would also consider getting your cat spayed so this scenario doesn't repeat in the future. I know how scary and sad that type of situation can be. Please call the vet and be safe. Without being there, it is hard for any of us to guide you correctly. Only a vet with a hands on exam can give you the right guidance.

Good luck, poor kitty and poor you.
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Thanks for your response. She was spayed after the kittens were removed, that's why I thought that the shaking was a side effect because she went through so much in one day. But thank you and I will get her back to the vet.
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It's hard to really picture what was going on, but trembling can be an indication of severe pain. I would call a vet ASAP.

I'm sorry that you and Ears are going through this.
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I went through the same thing with my cat. She had a kitten that died in the birth canal and had to have emergency c-section. all her kittens died.

For the first 24 hours she was really wobbly, but never shaked or had twitches. I would say to call the vet and tell them what's happening and see if you should bring her in.

Good luck, I hope your kitty is alright. My prayers are with you.

BTW, it is normal for her to go through extreme depression ofr a few months, so don't be surprised if she does. My cat became really lazy and a lot less playful and happy after her surgery. Within just a couple months she gained about 4-5 lbs! She never was the same cat after that.
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