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I've been working on her STAY command when in the sit position. I have her sit and keep her attention and stretch the lead out and say sit while I hold my hand up in front of her. I can back up 10' and have her stay in that position for about 15 seconds. I can do that consistantly with her 3 times and then her attention span is off somewhere in the woods.... But she is working on it daily. She leads great and sits great...... But like all pups, her attention span is short.
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Here's all my happy girls playing........... Actually they had all just finished wrestling. At this point, they were watching the woods. See Emma's scruff up. She is guarding her yards... Molly is barking. Blossom was helping...

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awww she is such a cutie ( be it a BIG cutie)
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WOW... she's going to be a BIG girl... she is ADORABLE! Congrats!
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Blossom is huge..... There is no other way to describe her. She is bigger than my other girls. Molly weighs 100 lbs and Emma is around 90. We can't pick Blossom up anymore so I have no idea what she weighs. She is about 10" taller than Emma... And about 5" taller than Molly.

On the 13th, she was 9 months old. She is still a young pup... I am going to wait till she is a yr old before we get her fixed... I want her to grow some more first... When I look at her, I definately see the bull mastiff in her but not the great pyrenees dad. She definately has bulk in her build. Sturdy and tall.

She is smart as a whip and by my side all the time. She is an excellent watch dog and great with all the cats. Well, I say she is a watch dog but that is only as long as her "friends are around her". I walked her to the a lot a few acres away where some people are building a little shack and they had a dog that barked and her and Emma ran like heck. It scared them so bad. Blossom ran to the end of the road and then she stopped like "what am I doing?".... She turned around to growl and I made her go on home. She is so funny.... And I think she is just beautiful!! She is my baby..

You can see how much bigger she is than Emma.... And Emma is not a little dog by any means. Blossom makes her look little however. Emma is such a good dog and is so smart. She teaches Blossom many good things. They have a lot of the same mannerisms which is nice. Emma is getting old and grey around the muzzle but I suspect she will still be around for quite a few more years. She is a very healthy dog. They all are... But Blossom has a good friend/teacher in Emma..

She is interested in everything. We are working so much I worry about her getting socialized. She has a huge head and jowls... She is going through growth stages. She'll get tall and skinny and then she gains weight. Then she gets tall and skinny again and then gains some more weight. She is a very very big girl....... She is solid, strong, and hard as a rock. She is not afraid of anything in her environment. But she has not seen any dogs since we have had her but that one time. And very few people. But she is well behaved. And non skittish. She is a very good dog and basically calm most of the time. She listens, watches and learns..

These pics are taken this morning. It was 22 degrees last night and I could not leave them out in spite of a nice hayed dog house with a tarped porch. Much too cold. I had put them an old sarape down to lay on but the cats took it over last night. That's Angie in the picture. She is a spoiled little kitty who alternates from being a dog or a human. But she is not a cat...

I am working two jobs right now saving money to finish our cat enclosure and to increase the size of the dog yard by an acre or so. It will take a few months to save up. We also used part of the extra money to winterize our tires. So I won't be on here very much. I don't have a lot of spare time and 4 days a week I am working 18 hrs.. Sun is my only day off and I use it for "catching up on sleep". Wed and Sat I only work 8 hrs. But mon, tues, thurs and's rough. I leave the house at 4:45am and get home at 1am. But it will all be worth it when we get all the work done. I told Juan I would rather him stay home and me work the extra job because as we buy the things to do the work, he can do it... I can't build fences too well... So right now, he is the caregiver for our critters and he is doing a wonderful job. I am so proud of him.

All the cats are doing wonderful. Jimmy is strickly an inside cat now. He hates the cold and sits in the room with us all the time waiting for handouts. Flower is fat as a tick. And all the others are doing great. Everyone is healthy and strong...

Now off to vacuum.......... hehe


p.s. Is there any kind of market for pet hair? I could make a fortune....
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Oh my goodness Jenn, you weren't kidding when you said she'd grown!
She's just beautiful.
I'm so glad that you, Juan and all the furkids are doing well.
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We finally got her weighed.

A whopping lean 85 lbs.........!!!
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lol I love big dogs
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We took the dogs walking to the top of the mountain behind our house. Here's Blossom's latest. She is slightly over 100 lbs and was 10 months old on Jan 13th...

She is a good good dog.... She is the calmest puppy I have ever seen. She has always been calm. She likes pleasing us... She is very well behaved. She ran and ripped around on this mountain top and had a blast. Her and Emma are best friends...

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Oh my goodness, Jenn.
Blossom is as big as a pony
She's a cutie, just love that tongue sticking out!

I love the second picture too...Juan and the girls on the mountain.
It looks like you guys have much better weather there than we're having.
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Im not sure what the temp was today but it was at least in the 50's. Last week it was 12 degrees........

This was a welcome change on our day off. Hopefully tomorrow will be the same.

The girls are soooo tired. We wore them out. They are all snoozing peacefully in the living room now. Blossom is stretched out in the floor next to couch and Juan.

And I just have to post a couple more fav pics of mine from today. Both are Juan. He is a character.

He was playing with the dogs and when they ran off, he rested...... it was too funny...

Emma was trying to lick him to death.

And here he is resting.

And a dog thought for the day that my aunt from Texas sent me. I thought this was too cute.
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Emma must have thought Daddy needed a bath!

The dog thought made my day...sounds like a plan to me
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I just read this thread. Blossom is a beautiful (big) dog with the prettiest face.
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oh my goodness! how adorable
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here is an update on Blossom. Taken a couple days ago.

She still feels like a baby........and she is.

She was One Year Old on March 13th...

She is extremely gentle with all the animals but I also think if something got in our yard she would try to kill it... She is an excellent watch dog... We are fixing to add height to our fence. We have a four footer now and she can stand up and put her "arms" across it to lean while she barks. She has to duck if she goes under our kitchen table. She is extremely tall and has the largest head of any dog I have ever seen.

She loves my son........but dislikes his friends. When she meets someone that she doesn't like, she refuses to go near them. She just watches them and won't approach them... She only really likes our family and the propane man.... She loves the propane man. When he comes over, she runs in circles around him soooo happy.... But he really likes her too...

She is not aggressive but more watchful... In fact she is very non aggressive. She is just a really good watchdog. No none could break in our house with her inside. She would scare them to death with her size and girth and bark... It is low and deep.

I can't take her in the truck as she tries to get in the floorboard under my feet... She can only ride in the backseat of the car.

She is a good judge of character. And she loves all her kitties.....

Emma, the lab, has trained her well... They play rough but on the other hand, they kiss too. But old Molly is the boss...

She loves to go exploring in the woods with me. She stays right with me.

She is not fixed yet but will be in the next month. We have been waiting for her to have one cycle but she hasn't had one yet... I read that big dogs mature slower but she is real slow...
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Blossom is so BIG and beautiful!!!
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Yea, Blossom finally had her first cycle so we can get her fixed. She was 16 months old before she had her first dog period........

It took her forever!! The vet said it was because there are no male dogs anywhere around us. And thanks for the compliment. We are kinda partial to her. She is a great dog!
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Aww she's gorgeous! My friend had one of those type of dogs, but unfortuantely he had to be pts for he had something wrong with his brain

She's a cutie!
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