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What a darling! If she's smart, you're going to have to watch her, though! That cat door escapade might not be her only one. My dog, Lady, is incredibly smart and has managed to escape numerous times from every kennel she's ever been in. And that was with them padlocked, too, because the regular locking systems were too easy for her! You might just have a "Houdini Hound" on you hands, too!

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Shes precious!!!
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she is adorable, my mom has a half bull mastiff half lab, and she looks a lot like that. She is a year old, only about 3 foot tall, but weights about 80 lbs
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I've really enjoyed reading about Blossom's growth! Keep the updates coming.
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Today we weighed her again. She is 15 weeks, 2 days old and weights 42 lbs. And man is she tall......

We went for a walk today and she is progressing nicely.

She sits instantly on command and when we walk, she does not pull. When we stop I can give a small yank upward on the leash and she sits for me...

We are going to continue this for a few more weeks and then I am going to add the down command and the sit stay.....

She is one smart pup and an eager learner and she wants to please me and Juan.. And I hestitantly say, she is 100 percent housebroken. She has not had an accident in the house in several weeks now. She whines at the door when she needs to go.

I am very glad I have her... My camera is at my sons. I should have it next wednesday and I will add some pic updates on her.

She has already outgrown her new green collar. She had a new one that is pink flowers that used to be Emma's... It's too small for Emma.... The leash she is wearing is msg #34?? She has the matching collar on for that leash now. It looks beautiful on her.

I got her on May 27th and she has gained 22 lbs since then and has grown at least 10" taller.

I am talking her in the front off leash too so she will learn to stay with me while I am working and she does good.

However she has one flaw....... She thinks cat poop is a snack...... Oh my god. She is a poop eater.. I keep my gate closed so she doesn't have access to the litter boxes but if I forget, she bee-lines for the poop.
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Sounds like she's learning very quickly, Jenn.
Kitty boxes potato chips..YUMMY
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haha...... She acts like they are potato chips...... as in "cow chips" and we all know what those are........!

and yes..... she is learning very fast.. We call her "Lummy Bear" for her nick name...
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Blossom updates......

Juan was watering the yard.... They love the wet grass. It given them energy. She has grown a lot..... All the dogs get along wonderfully..... Blossom is 4 1/2 months old.... She won't be 5 months old till Aug the 13th.. She is huge baby.

They were all sitting in their doghouse here..They were feeling good from rolling the wetness.... How I managed to get them all smiling is beyond me.
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How in the world did I miss this thread?! She's adorable! thank you sooo much for choosing to adopt.
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Oh Dear Lord, Jenn she's HUGE.
You could put a saddle on her and ride her...she's going to be as big as a pony!
She's adorable.
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I wonder what the other dogs will think when their new friend keeps getting bigger and bigger.... and bigger....
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She loves black olives..........
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Oh man is she ever HUGE!!
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Her expressions are priceless. She really listens and tilts her head..... She has those overhanging lips with a little white on her chin like she just finished drinking a little milk.....

she's my baby.... She has never got on the furniture. We corrected her her first week when she put her feet on the couch and she never tried again.

A friend of mine at work has her sister and she slept with her in her bed the first week and now the dog has tore her bed up.........haha Her name is Lucy. Which is short for Lucifer... They say she is a holy terror but Blossom is great. We work with her though. She does not pull on the leash. She does not run away. She loves to play and she is housebroken.... She's a great dog!!

And excuse my art work here. It's the only thing I know how to do with photoshop.... I try and try to learn stuff from this page:
But i'm thinking I must be pretty dumb....... I just don't get it.... But I'm not giving up. It might actually sink into one brain cell......

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There's nothing wrong with your artwork, Jenn.
It looks great...I couldn't do it.
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Gracie, all my artwork consists of is this.... [I love ya gracie]

I have a pic... I open it with microsoft paint and draw colored lines on it and then save it.

Then I reopen it with photoshop and liquify it..

I cant' figure out out to do anything else. I guarantee you though, I am going to teach myself how to dolayers REALLY WELL..... That's what I want to learn. . I suspect that's how these great siggy's are created.
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Trust me, to me it looks like the Mona Lisa!
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Wow, she is huge! She is beautiful!
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What a doll baby ///

oh and your Picasso compared to me
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I just saw this thread and just wanted to say she is SUCH a cutie!! And wow has she ever grown!
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what a gorgeous puppy!!!!!!! congradulations!!!! I hope ya'll enjoy many wonderful years together
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Me too...... She is going through some sort of growth spurt right now. She is all legs....

It won't be long before she is taller than her big sisters... She already gives them a run for their money when playing. She holds her own. They are teaching her how to be a watch dog too...

Mostly though, she eats, plays hard and then naps....
I can't even imagine how big she is going to get.. Her mom dog, the bullmastiff weighed about 100 lbs. She was small for her breed. Her dad dog weighes around 130. So it is just hard to say.

I changed their food to Iams yesterday and bought 40lbs. I had been feeding all of them Maximum but Walmart keeps running out of the 20lb bags and I refuse to feed her/them a food whose main ingredient is corn. They go though 40lbs in a little more than two weeks. I just got the Iams last night and Blossom likes it. I haven't given it to the other dogs yet but I'm sure they will like it.

signing off,
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she is totally recovered from her snake bite........ She is sleepy in these and resting..... she just had her bath.......

And still growing like a weed. She also prefers being in the house with us. We are making her a pallet by our bed at night right now.. And after three days of this, she expects it now....! She is a people dog. I have been reading about bullmastiffs and it said they overheat easily because of their short muzzle. So she is really getting spoiled staying in the air conditioner with us and she loves it! But even though she is big, she is still just a puppy and needs her people and contact with us. She is a good dog...

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Oh look at that sweet little face!
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she is gorgeous!!! she is getting big too.
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She is a Fruitloop ..

After she slept for 3 hrs or so, she went outside....... She is the funniest thign I have ever seen........

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That last picture made me laugh so hard I thought I might pee my pants!
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She was doing her exercises............."modern ground dance"....
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On a serious note, she was not stretching. She was just laying there like that. I took this through the back door...
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You're right, she is a "Fruitloop".
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