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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Definately hit the training hard & NOW. You do not want a 100+ lb. "puppy" who is not trained. I'd focus on sit, stay, & leash training for now.
My DH was looking over my shoulder, saw the picture of Blossom and asked about her. When I told him her breed, his first comment was about getting her to obedience training also. Not only will she be large, she is intelligent and will want to have a job.
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She is learning to play.............. Emma just stand there and Blossom pulls for all she is worth.....

And I love the name Peach Blossom.....

As far as training. I have a pink collar as of yesterday. I put it on her for awhile [couple of hrs] and then took it off. It was her first time. I am fixing to put it back on her now... I'll leave it on her till bedtime.

What I thought about doing was leashing her to me in the house so she has to move around with me. I can do that with dog food treats in my pocket for incentive.....

She is not a fearful dog or a spooky dog which is a good thing. She is not afraid of the vaccuum. She did not jump a single time. She merely displays idle interest.....

Ok........ off to put that cute little pink collar on "Peach Blossom"..... Sit and stay..... great ideas...... I will work on both of those for a couple weeks.......
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ok lesson one begins......... This collar is actually an old one of Muffins that I had to dig around for. It was too wide for her little neck. But it is perfect for Blossom for a while. I have a blue one she can wear next... it actually had one fastener and has an adjustment attachment on it that can be let out as a dog grows..... Right now the smallest part of it is too large for her but I suspect in a few weeks, it will be perfect. And she will be able to wear that one for a while. I don't really like to put blue on my girls but this blue one is relatively new and it will be a great training collar that she can use for several months. I am not into the chokers or the pinchers or the shockers. I am into love training. And also discipline with love as well. I want her to mind me because I am alpha and she loves me. I don't want her to mind me out of fear......

She looks cute in her gear. This is after we walked around the house a couple times. She is not sure what is going on. I had to entice her since she is so young... A couple times around the house was enough for her. It just exhausted her. I took her leash off and left her collar on and she is already asleep. She is growing so fast that she slept most of yesterday. She looks larger to me than yesterday.

I havent been able to get to springfield to get her some really good food so today I bought her some Maxximum puppy food at walmart. The ingredients looked better than purina puppy chow. It is chicken and rice mix. Corn gluton is the third ingredient which doesn't make me terribly happy but it will have to do for now..

Here she is listening to me say "Stay" See how she turns her little head when she listens. I do believe she is smart as a whip. When we were walking around, she auto sits when I stop.
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She just sits when you stop?? Awesome!! She is one smart cookie!

I think training her in the house as you are now is a great thing. Once she nails some of these commands a little more, start working on them with her outside so that she can be around other distractions. I personally like to nail leash training as much as possible, then take the dog for a walk down the street. But, I live in the country on 4 acres so I can do more training than "city folk" can.

And she is just gorgeous in her new collar! I love hot pink!
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She looks adorable it her collar and leash.
What a sweet little face.

Emma's thinking "Mommy, who is this kid and why is she trying to take my toy? "
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ok, I called the woman that has Blossom's mother.

She was born March 13th which makes her 11 weeks old today..... I was three weeks off.......

She is also improving on the leash...... She only pulls backward slightly now. I move slow and entice her forward..... She is getting it. Soon we can take a real walk. I am off Friday so I think I will take her on a short walk that day.

And you know, one of her biggest assets is that she is so calm..... Oh she gets excited but she is a calm baby girl...... I love it. She listens to me talk to her and even at this young age is able to concentrate. She is bonding to me more than hubby but we spend equal time with her but she might just prefer women. I can also tell she would be an aloof dog if not trained. I can also tell without training she would be a dog that would toot her own horn and not listen. So......training young is very very good with this dog. She hears her own little song playing and is different that any dog I have ever had.

The cats are also coming up to her now and smelling her. They are accepting her now. She is even smelling them back... So that is very cool.

Her first day I left her alone in the house with them for approx 5 minutes while I was outside in the front yard doing something. When I came in, they had her cornered. I had to correct them verbally to make them leave her alone. That's the only time they have done that. They are accepting her now. And some are even rubbing against her... Yea!!!

And she is smart, smart smart........
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Blossom is finally relaxing in her new home. I got her the 27th and this is the 30th.... She is bouncing around now and sort of knows what to expect...... She feels great this morning. She loves Muffin!!

Now we can start the growing/learning process. She feels like she belongs now.
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I'm glad she's fitting in so well, Jenn.
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Me too.....

I was worried a little after my ordeal with charlie....
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I can understand that, but you guys knew nothing at all about Charlie's background, if he had been abused, run away, been dumped you didn't even know how old he was.

At least with Blossom you can call the Woman who has her Mother if you have any questions.
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she is beautiful!
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Today was fun. We took her to the lake. Juan rode in the back of the truck with her on a leash. Emma, the lab went with us too.

Blossom wasn't sure what to think as it was her first time at the lake. But she swam. With encouragement.. After 30 minutes or so, I carried her out in the water waist deep on me and held her and just bounced her around. She did great. We only stayed about 45 mintues so as not to get her too tired. I want her to enjoy it.. Since we live just up the road, I can take her every day if I want for 30 minutes or so.

Emma absolutely loves to swim. She floats on her back in the water totally relaxed with her eyes closed. First back floating dog I ever saw. I support her head for her. I will have to get a pic of her floating. It is most unusual looking for a big dog to feel so relaxed on their back in the water. I have never even heard of this before. If I am in the water, she is in the water watching over me. Very protective and wants to be close to me at all times.

Molly on the other hand only wades. She never gets over her head. Emma will swim after tree limbs and drag them to shore if I can throw them. Muffin the dauchaund also loves to swim but she stayed home today... She rides on Emma's back in the water.

They are now in the back yard drying off and sleeping..... Swimming is just hard work and great exercise for them.
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I can't wait to see picture of her floating on her back.
That just sounds adorable.
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25 lbs this morning.....

That's 1 pound per day so far.
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wow! one pound per day? shes gonna be a big girl for sure
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She is really liking the cats now and they like her with the exception of one.........Felix. But he doesn't like anyone. The other cats don't even like him. hehe

But yesterday everyone had their shots for this year. Molly, Emma and Muffin got their rabies as well. Blossom just got her first series....

They all got new matching collars for this year.... Blossom will probalby go through several collars this year. I had to disgard the pink one because it was fastening in the last notch... This one fastens third from the end so she has a little growing room. They all look good in green. They match our carpet and our floors....

Nothing like color coordinated dogs..........!
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What a sweet picture.
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Aww! She is so cute. Congratulations.
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She is doing great at housebreaking. She has had a couple tee tee accidents but today for the first time, she scratched at the back door to go out and do her job.

The big dogs are teaching her......

I also am trying a new brand of puppy food. I still haven't made it to Springfield to really shop for her so today I got her some food called "Natural Life Puppy Lamaderm".

The main ingredients are:
Lamb Meal
Ground brown rice
Linseed Meal
Poultry fat

Then it goes into the vitamins and stuff...

It's not the best but it's pretty good. She really likes it. Has no sugar, chemicals, flavor enhancers or food colorings. It also has no corn, wheat, soy, dairy, yeast, beef or beef by products. No fillers.

As soon as I can get to Springfield, it will change again.... But as far as walmart and reading all the ingredients on every bag, I like this the best.

I do not like Purina Puppy chow....

She is growing so quick..... I can nearly see her growing...
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The NL puppy food is pretty good. Just be careful switching her food so much. She can develop sensitivities. I did with my Choco Lab & have been cussing myself since.
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How cute is she!! What a gorgeous girl!
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What a pretty dog!
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Well, today Blossom had an experience.... It probably taught her something.

Husband got off today two hrs after I left for work. So, since it was a short period of time, I left her and Muffin in the house together... I shut off the back end of it so she only had access to the kitchen and the living room.

When Juan got home, he could not find Blossom. He looked and looked. He went outside and called. He thought possibly I had accidently let her out when I left and so before he told me that "Blossom was gone" ...he tried to find her. He looked for her for over an hr. Finally...........he found her. She had managed to get through the slats going from the kitchen into our bedroom. And that was not an easy task for her. Muffin fits through them easy but they are designed for her. Juan built the gates. And Muffin goes in and out of the cat's enclosure all the time too. She uses it to poopy in while we are gone when we leave her indoors. And she suns out there as well. The cats are used to her coming and going through their area. She is one of them. She thinks she is a cat.

However........not so with Blossom. Somehow after "squeezing" through the gate slats, she must have struggled and pushed and forced her body through their cat door and somehow got into the cat enclosure. Probably she saw Muffin go through it and she wanted to follow her. It is a not a large door. It is 8" tall and probably 6" wide. It is small. JJ, my big cat barely fits through it. How she managed to get through it is beyond me. It was probably comical. She weighs close to 30 lbs now and is up to my knees in height..... It had to have taken her some time to do it. I bet she got stuck and had no choice but to move forward........

She could not get back in the house. Juan had to go unlock the enclosure and still she would not come to him. He had to go get her out of the corner. I imagine the 'big bad cats' scared her to death during that time she was locked in their room........hahaha

I'm glad she wasn't scratched. But I bet she never does that again. Juan said she was absolutely relieved to be back in the house and the back yard. She said she took a long nap after her ordeal.

I have also begun training her in submissive ways. I am putting her flat on her back and sitting beside her. And she lays there for me. I am going to do this every single day so she will always knows that I can....... She does not struggle. She will simply lay there. Good lesson for her to know.
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Oh my, I can just picture a 30 pound dog squeezing herself through a cat door.
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She is happy, georgous, entergetic and smart.......

And she has long legs.......... She is slender and tall.......

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There you are, I was starting to worry about you guys and the furkids.
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Lovely pup you have there, I have been enjoying reading the blow-by-blow of her life with you.
Natural Life is not bad, but for the money Canidae is very good. If you are stuck buying food at WalMart then you might be able to get Nutro, which is not great, but it is better than most of what they have.

If you don't mind some more unasked-for advice handle her paws and ears as much as you can. Makes it easier for later when you need to trim nails and check inside the ears. And you are about to hit the puppt nipping biting stage (worst at 10-12 weeks) so be ready!!
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Jenn, she is just beautiful
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Today, she tops the scales at 35 lbs............

She is blossoming....... And we handle her all the time. She sits on command and then she falls over on the floor.

She is a handful of glee. One of the happiest little puppies I have ever seen. She bounces when she walks.

And something else I have noticed........ From the rear you know how big dogs carry their legs. That moving from the hip motion. She already has that walk.......

She is gaining on the average of 5 lbs weekly but she is not fat. She is lean. I can see her rib cage. Not in a skinny way. She is tall. The top of her head is already mid thigh to me. I am 5'5.

I finally have two days off in a row. Tomorrow she is going to the lake again and going for a morning walk....
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Oh I absolutely adore the big dog walk! More pictures when you get the chance!
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