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Sockies long distance phone-call.

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LoL, my kitty did a funny thing today.

My dad was reading the newspaper, and our cordless phone was sitting face up on the table. Socks stepped on the phone and hit "talk" and "redial" and called my Grandma. Eventually, she hit "talk" again to hang up. My grandma was really kind of confused as to why we would call and say nothing, so she called back and left a message on the answering machine. It took a little bit of thinking, but we figured it out when Socks started pouncing on my cell phone. Heh. We just don't know how long she was on the phone. When we called grandma with the explanation, she thought it was hilarious and said "Your cat is telepathic...I'm reading a cat book right now!" LoL. It was cute at the time, but we don't wanna see the phone bill. :tounge2:

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Aw how cute I do hope you cat isn't ringing up those 'Catlines'!
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When we 1st got the girls they used to always crank call my inlaws. (They don't have call display). Finally the did a call reverse thing and we figured it out after about 20 calls. We had to place the phone on top of our armoire so they couldn't reach it! They must have been lonely while we were out!
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My phone by our bed has a button to push to use the speaker phone. One morning Kiki hit the speaker button and then she stepped on one of the saved numbers button. I was woke up to my mother-in-law yelling at us wanting to know what was going on.
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:laughing: all these stories are so funny! :laughing: I don't have a "telephone" cat, but I DO have two "tv remote" cats, obviously they don't like my choice in TV as one will walk accross the control changing the channel, and then the other will promptly sit his chunky rump on it and fall asleep within about 2 seconds but of course, theres just no way you can disturb a sleeping kitty.
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Yes Jedi is a TV remote kitty as well. He LOVES to sit on the remote and change the channel on us! Right at the good parts too! :tounge2:
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Hi Grandma! LOL! Our cats can't sit on the TV remote because it is glued to Gary's hand, and they can't get at the phones because they're on the wall... but they're ALL laptop kitties. I work on a laptop on the couch - and I usually sit up with the laptop on top of a bunch of papers. They ALWAYS go out of their way to hop up onto the back of the couch via my laptop. Now if only I can get them to do my work for me....
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What cute stories!!!
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