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Big cat playing, or trying to kill my kitten?

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I have a 5 week old kitten (who doesn't seem to know to drink water) and my room mate has a 4 year old cat (Kitty). At first the Kitty didnt like my kitten, he would growl and hiss at him whenever my kitten would get close... well now, 3 days later, it seems that Kitty is beginning to get use to my kitten. No more hissing and growling... in fact some licking takes place now. My question is that when my kitten plays with Kitty, Kitty always seems to bite my kitten on the neck, where his jugular is. Is he just playing with my kitten or is he attempting to kill him?
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Well I'm no expert by any means, but my first gut reaction would be if "Kitty" was trying to kill your kitten, he probably could easily just do it. I don't think it's that, I think that's how mothers carry around their babies (again, just another guess) and maybe Kitty is just being parental now... if he's licking the kitten, I would assume, he wouldn't want to kill it. But again, just my opinion. See what others say.
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Oh your kitten is so very very young - is he an orphan?

Given that he's very little still I would watch all interactions very carefully, cats play rough, and he's so tiny that even if the older one does not intend to harm him, he could do so accidentally. Separate them to give the little 'un a rest if he cries or doesn't look as if he's enjoying the rough and tumble. As he gets bigger he'll be able to hold his own better.
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That is really young! Where did he come from??

The kitten needs to be under supervision when you are there and when you aren't he needs to be put into a smaller room or bathroom with all his stuff, even a crate.
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one thing i forgot to mention is that i alway have my kitten in my room. I also mainly keep the door closed with Kitty on the other side. i was just told that it would probably be healthy for my kitten to have some sort of interaction with Kitty since i got him at such a young age. Also he is not a orphan, the person who gave him to me along with myself didnt know that it was to young to be separated from his mother. Also i believe that mothers carry the kitten by the back on the neck, not on the front where the jugular is, i could be wrong though. This morning i let Kitty and my kitten interact and he didnt seem to be going for the throat this time... i guess i will just keep a very close eye on them when they are playing.
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Blarg, I had a post all ready and then I hit the wrong button! lol
Anyways, it sounds like the older cat is asserting dominance and teaching manners to me. Pippin did this with my orphan bottle baby foster, Smeagol. There was a lot of playing, but Pippin did grip him around the throat also. As long as your kitten isn't getting hurt I believe it is just Kitty teaching the kitten socialization and pecking order.
The older cats do seem to know to not be too rough.

Since your kitten is not drinking water, you should pick up some kitten milk replacer and put it in his dish. If that's not working, try bottle feeding. If he was still with his mom, he would likely still be nursing at times. He could get dehydrated and fade very quickly.

Young kittens are pretty fragile, so make sure you keep an eye on his weight. Try weighing him every few days to make sure he's still gaining. Make sure he's using his litter box and peeing and pooping.

You may also want to give him wet food if you aren't already, this will help keep him from getting dehydrated.

Good luck!

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Allrighty, problem seems to be reversing now... now my kitten is constantly trying to bite Kitty... I think im not going to make any judgments until a few more days, maybe this type of interaction is just normal.

Also a break through in the drinking front, he will now drink from a place but only for short periods at a time and only if i pull him over to it. How much water do kittens normally drink?

Lastly, the kitten has been absolutely perfect about using the litter box but he doesnt do a good job of covering after he goes. will he just grow into the habit of covering or do i have to teach him somehow? also right now i am using fresh step sand litter, is there a different kind anyone would suggest?
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im not sure on what is the best litter , as long as its not a clumping one untill his older.
some cats dont cover their poop and others do .
as long as he is eating wet food he should be ok only drinking small amounts, but because of his age , if he was an orphan and i was looking after him he would still be having bottle milk 3 times a day between wet food. and remember they only eat very small amount of food at this age but often so put down a small amount of kitten food 4 times a day.
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cats don't tend to drink much water as in nature they originate from dry climates and get most of their moisture from their prey which is why feeding wet food is important for kidney and urinary tract health. I also agree that at only 5 weeks he's probably not fully weaned and would benefit from some kitten milk formula (not cows milk).
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