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90 days!

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I have 90 days membership today Got those 30 stored PMs and 40 more avatars. Also made Top Cat 48 posts ago Thirty more days and I get my custom avatar Thanks all!
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Ohh congradualtions!! You're going to love it!
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Congrats that is just so exciting!

I remember when I made it that far, I was so excited each time to get more avatars and more pms! And well it is so exciting once you get to upload your own custom avatar, but its moer exciting whenever you can change the title under your username! I was soo excited for that, but then once the time came I couldnt think of anything
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You'll be able to have your custom avatar before you know it.
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I can't believe you're still so new -- you're such a vibrant presence here!
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Nice job I'm sure you'll be around for many more
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Way to go I wanna get there too, I think I have 90 days but I am not even close to 300 posts
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