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Poor baby!

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Look how emaciated she is!! Poor thing. I was sitting at my computer thinking that i have waaay too many cats in the house right now. Then I glance out the window to see this extremely thin girl go stumbling by. Well of course I went to catch her. I believe she is deaf because when I went up to her, she had her back to me and despite the clicking my fingers and kissy noises I was making, she had no idea I was there. I walked right up to her and when I was literally 2 inches from her she jumped a mile and ran. But with a little food she eventually came right to me.

She is about 2 years old and weights 3 lbs only!! She is sweet, she puffs out her cheeks like she is trying to purr or something and growls, but I don't think she knows she is doing it...

Weird thing is her claws, front and back, were very recently clipped???

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OMG!!! If she's deaf....does she have an ear infection? That was my first though....deafness because of ear infection.
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The vet didn't seem to think so, her ears are spotlessly clean.
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Well, then maybe she's just deaf. Poor kitty.....I just cannot imagine what she's been through. My Dory was 10 months & 4 lbs....but he's got a little frame. I just can't imagine 3 lbs. on a "normal" sized kitty!
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She is so fragile, I worry when I pick her up! She may be able to hear slightly, sometimes it seems like she can a little.
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That's so sad for her to be so emaciated. I wonder if she has an owner worrying themselves sick out there somewhere.

Healthy vibes for the poor little girl and hugs to you Jen for seeing and bringing her in.
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There haven't been lost siamese cat ads at all as far back as I can remember. I check the classified in the paper and online all the time. I will call around the APL and dog warden and stuff on Monday. The weird thing though is that her nails were trimmed very recently. She has obvously been not cared for properly. She had blue gum or something sticky on her side and with the claws being clipped, it seems like she was in someone house recently. Weird, if only they could talk!
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How sure is the vet about her age? Is there any chance she could be a senior cat who had a recent dental? I only ask because when I found Spot, I assumed he was horribly neglected due to his thinness (about 7 pounds on a LARGE frame). However, he was hyperthyroid, and when he was not on medication later on (after receiving I-131 and waiting for it to kick in), he dropped back down to 7 pounds after being 11 pounds at his heaviest. That said, I often wonder what happens to all these stray kitties before they find their way home to those of us who love them.
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That is something to keep in mind. I will have to see when she fattens up a bit, if she loses the weight again or keeps it on. Honestly, I really don't know much about hyperthyroid so thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I will get a second opinion on her age by a different vet.
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She's literally skin and bones. Did the vet give her a thorough physical? Has she been wormed?
I don't think I've ever seen a cat that skinny, and wonder if there's some underlying illness like cancer.
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I gave her a physical, then the vet did too, everything seems normal other then her weight. But I don't know, if she doesn't start gaining weight I will have to figure out if there is something else wrong. I also contacted a Siamese rescue group to see if they might be able to take her on. I don't have a place to quarentine her here, I literally have cats in every room!
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Just wanted to tell you guys that I named her Piccolo!
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Oh..bless her heart!! What a lovely little girl! Thank goodness she walked thru your yard!!
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