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Cat Going Potty on Kitchen Tiles

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Hi all. I have a problem with my young cat. She was raised from a couple weeks old bottle baby who is now a year old. When she was a kitten we got her to potty train fairly easily and she was good about it all the way until she started going into heat often. Then she started pooping on the kitchen floor. We thought the behavior would go away after she was spade, but instead she continues to poop on the kitchen floor. Only the kitchen floor, not anywhere else. She pees in her litterbox. We have multiple cats and multiple boxes where cleanliness and territorialness are NOT the issue. It's behavioral and she won't stop! We've tried putting a fresh litterbox into the kitchen, that didn't work. We've tried putting her in her litterbox when caught in the act, still nothin'. Any ideas? I'm really tired of cleaning up kitty doo doo everyday!
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How are you cleaning up the doo doo? Are you using a good enzyme cleanser and letting it soak? The scent from earlier "presents" could be calling her back to the spot even though you think it's clean.
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Have she seen a vet for this problem? Often going outside the litterbox is a sign of an illness so it's always a good idea to get that checked out first.

As JellyBella said, you need use an enzyme cleaner to completely eliminate the smell.
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I clean it up and then I spray on Lysol disinfectant/deodorizer liberally.

I suppose we could call the vet and ask what's going on. I really believe its behavioral-habitual.
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Please do NOT be using Lysol products around cats - its harmful! Try some Nature's Miricle cleaner (pet stores or online from pet catalogs) to clean the area.

My one rex did something similar. She would use the litter box for peeing, but poop on the rug by the box. She did this as a kitten thru all aduthood. Didn't matter if she was an only cat or in a group. We never did break her of the habit no matter what we did.

The only cure was to keep the litter box on tile - no rugs. Then she would use the pan properly. Very weird, but I understand the frustration of what you are going thru.
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