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Here are some pictures that I have just uploaded of Mittens. These pics are pretty recent...no more than 4-5 weeks old. Isn't he the cutest?

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He's a baby doll!! My girls love the overturned lawn chairs,too!!
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My! What a big kitty you have there! So cute
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Very cute. What a butterball! LOL
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It is good to see him looking so well.
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Awww, Mittens is such a big handsome boy!! He looks so happy and it's so nice to see him again!
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He is a very handsome boy. He has one of those "smiley" faces like Susan's Rosie. So cute!

I love the one of him and the pup sleeping in the shade.

I read through his weight loss thread and you have certainly done a good job with him. I hope his health has stabilized, he certainly looks good!
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Awe mittens, u are just such a cutie pie
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