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This tutorial will explain the differences for you

Again the rules for sigs on TCS state:

9. Signatures, Photos and Images: Every member enjoys personalizing their posts with a unique signature. In order to speed forum loading time and avoid excessive scrolling for all members, we have instituted these guidelines for signatures.
  • Total signature size can't be larger than 30 Kb (30,000 bytes). This also includes any smilies added to a signature.
  • The max total height of a signature with NO TEXT is 150 pixels high.
  • The max total height of a signature with one line of standard sized text (size 2) is 134 pixels high.
  • The max total width of a signature is 640 pixels wide.
  • If you decide not to use an image, you may have up to 4 lines of standard size text, single-spaced.
  • In general, if you have an image banner, no other text, ticker, smilie, etc. will be allowed. Exceptions may occur if your image is small enough for the signature not to exceed 150 pixels in height with the text included.
  • You may include a discreet link to another site in your signature. You may not advertise your site in the main body of your post.
  • Member signatures are subject to review and deletion by the moderating team without advance warning.
  • All signatures are subject to the same rules and regulations as any post, and are subject to the same disciplinary actions and editing by moderators if it is deemed necessary, up to and including banning.
Any embedded photos or images posted at TCS may not be larger than 640 pixels wide. Photos or images larger than 640 pixels wide may be deleted by a Moderator and disciplinary action may take place at the discretion of the Moderator. This includes photos and images that are hosted anywhere on the Internet. Photos that are attached to a thread are restricted by the attachment manager settings already in place and cannot be over-riden.

9. a) It is illegal to embed copyrighted photos, images or text in a thread or post. Any photos or images of this nature will be deleted from posts without warning and disciplinary action may be taken. The absence of a copyright notice on an image or the ignorance of who owns the copyrights does not mean it isn't protected by law. In general, if you didn't make the image or take the photo, don't post it.

10. The owners and administrators of Forums have the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason. The owners and administrators also reserve the right to remove membership privileges at any time at their discretion. Any and all duplicate posts will be removed, except for the one posted or moved to the appropriate forum.
Please take these into consideration when posting images or sigs on TCS

This smaller size limit is why we ask that members post links to their pictures rather than the actual image, so we can have a higher quality image to work with