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bed time woes

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My cat has a security blanket, really its a long piece of loopy yarn. when she is stressed she drags this through the house and cries. At night when I go to bed and turn out the lights. she goes and get this blanket and cries I talk to her and finally she will bring it to bed and I tell her to go to sleep and she curls up with her blanket. We go through this every night! Some nights it takes longer to calm her down than other nights. How can I help her not stress every night
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She might benefit from some Rescue Remedy rubbed on the inside of her ears. Or she may need something like elavil or prozac to ease her anxiety. Maybe someone else will come up with something better.
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I disagree with the above post because I don't feel your cat is really stressed out. This is normal cat behavior. I and others on this forum have had kittens that carry "their toy babies" throughout the house wailing. I have no idea why but they are not stressed enough to warrant the use of drugs. I wouldn't even classify that behavior as "stressed" My cat George does this at bedtime and in the morning. Sockie goes to bed (he finds it and brings it upstairs) and in the morning Sockie comes downstairs to join us. We have to rave about how beautiful his sock is and then he spits it out and sits down next to it. Consider it a gift because it is quite entertaining (in my opinion).
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thank you I didn't think medicine was the answer though I appreciate the opinion. It is good to to know other cats do it too and that not that she is stressed it just part of a normal routine she goes through. Gracie is high strung very high maintenance cat. She is part siamese, very verbal, and much attitude. She is my baby I want her happy.
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Cats like children, may go through a phase, or it may never end, but enjoy their unique personalities because I"m sure sometimes it is funny to watch. I would not consider your cat "stressed". Just part of her personality where she feels the need to have a "comfort creature" to keep her company. Is she the only one? You may want to consider a companion at a later time for her.
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Your baby sounds a little bit like my Zoe! Zoe has Siamese somewhere in her descendents, otherwise I am sure she would not have acquired these Siamese markings. She is all attitude and such a demanding little thing! One moment she'll be like "PLAY WITH ME! Play, play, play- oooooh! Yarn! ATTACK! Oh, yay, fingers! ATTACK! Play, play, play..." and in 5 minutes she'll be all cuddled up to you like "Sleep... I wanna sleep... HERE. No, not there. Right here with my whiskers that totally tickle right in your ear. I love you!" I don't think there's any cat more full of character and personality than her, maybe as much, but not more! She is so sweet and, on the contradictory side, totally full of attitude!

Anyway, back on topic... I doubt she is stressed. Just a little routine she has settled into; she wants your comfort maybe. It's just one of those cute little kitty quirks!
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