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Long day at the mall...

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Well, my bf and I just got home from the mall a little while ago. Man, that place is exhauting. We went shopping because my cousin's wedding is next weekend. We got bf a shirt and tie and a new belt. We had bought him a suit a few weeks ago, and he just got new shoes last week, so he is now set for the big day (well, needs a haircut, but his friend will buzz it for him as per usual). He's going to look so nice!

Then we looked for a dress for me. I HATE shopping. I've lost some weight, so I can't do the plus sized stores for a dress anymore (which is good) but my bust size does not fitt into most other stores dress designs (which is bad). After about 5 different stores, we ended up going to Sears. I got a nice black and white dress, about knee length. Not too fancy, but not too casual. I figure I can dress it up for the wedding with some nice jewellery, but I could also dress it down so I will have other opportunites to wear it (I had to explain to bf why I didn't want to look at prom dresses. Why spend the money on something I won't have another chance to wear? Unless some teenager asks me to prom ). Plus, it turned out to be on sale! I also got some flip flops to wear once the reception is in full swing, because I'm not used to high heels.

I'm going to get my makeup done at one of the sears counters. I don't wear makeup and had to throw mine out, because it was expired. If you buy a few items, they'll do an application for you, so I figured what the heck. I don't really know what I'm doing as far as makeup goes, so I might as well get someone to give me a hand.

So, we're down to just a few more things on the list:
Set aside money for hotel room (my mom says she will pay for half)
Set aside money for gift...we'll probably just end up giving cash
Get my eyebrows waxed...I figure on wednesday, so it's not too close or too far from the day of
Buy a pair of tights
Borrow some pretty jewellery...silver, preferably, necklace and earings.
Confirm a petsitter/dog walker aka my bf's friend. He'll come and play Xbox to spend some time over here with the kitties, and walk Max throughout the day. He lives at his mom's, so he'll probably just stay here for the day/night and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Then, get all pretty on the morning of and head over. I'll be sure to take a few pics so you guys can see how nicely bf and I clean up.

I so tired, though. The mall just sucks the life right out of me!
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Glad ya'll had fun!!!!
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