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the toilet spits back.

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how many of you know anything about toilets?

well I'm running out of ideas...our toilet seems to have an air bubble that pops whenever we flush. The burst wasn't so bad at first...just a little bloop after flushing.

Now there are some days where the air bubble is big and spits above the toilet seat (thank goodness we haven't had any nasties)

I've flushed a whole box of that toilet de-clogger down, but I don't know what else to do. I also put some drain-o down the sink just incase there was a clog there that was causing this bubble.

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Oh no, Jenney, I have no idea..sorry, but good luck!!
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Sounds to me like you have a crack in a pipe somewhere.

If it's not that, then it sounds like a clog really deep down in a joint. Those you need to remove the toilet and use one of those snake tools to get at.

I'd have a plumber look at it before it before it gets any worse.
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We have had that problem around here a few times. What are landlord said was sometimes a grease clog developes in the pipes and needs to be unclogged. So instead of using chemicals we take a big pot of water, fill it up and bring it to boiling ( a good rolling boil) then we take that and dump in down the bath tub drain. And that seems to clear whatever clog is down there. Landlord said the clogs are usually close to the opening to the spetic tank. Its happened a few times here and that has always worked. Now I just do it once a month as a preventative.
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I would call a plumber. The crack could be further down than you think.
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My hubby works for the sewer district, and had to use a professional sized snake on our sewer line when that happened here. If you or someone you know can do it, you will save money by renting a snake from an equipment rental store...if not, call a plummer to come out and do it. P.S. It is much cheaper to have the plummer come Mon-Fri during normal business hours.
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I have used the Acme How To website for help in deciding if an issue is something I can do or if I need a pro.

I've actually had that issue in the clinic bathroom before. I don't know what the school plumber did, but it only took a couple of minutes for him to fix.
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Oh man. This is one of the greatest titles to a thread I have read in a long time. I cant stop laughing.
The toilet spits back.
oooohhhh....That's pretty funny.
That's like....
K well I cant think of anything actually that it's like. It's too unique.
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If you have a septic tank and it hasn't been pumped in 3 or more years, it could also mean that you desperately need to have it pumped, before you end up with a backup problem...something to look at if the other suggestions don't work...

When ours did that, it turned out that we had a place where the pipe to the septic tank had a kink/rough spot, and the new brand of tp we were using wasn't dissolving enough to go by, so it clogged there. Went back to the old tp, problem solved (was a temporary situation with that pipe to our trailer on our housesite, or else we would have gotten it fixed ).

Good luck!
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All I can think of is: Well, if someone put that kinda "stuff" down me, I'd spit back at them, too!!!

Done being a sarcastic fool, though. Sounds to me like there's a pretty major clog or something down in there.
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
I would call a plumber. The crack could be further down than you think.
I don'te really have a suggestion beyond whats already been said, but does anyone else think that "Plumber" and "Crack" shouldn't be in the same post? This is a funny thread!
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when i a plumber. some otc stuff might make the situation worse and wind up causing more damage and resulting in you having to pay more money in the long run. i'd call the plumber and set up an appointment just to be on the safe side.
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