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Just a word about the relevance of the ads. These ad programs ARE supposed to deliver ads relevant to the context, BUT -- they have to "learn" the context before they can select for it. That means that at first the ads will be random, and only after it has "lived with us" a bit will it "know" what to send us. It SHOULD get better, though.
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Ok, here's another annoying thread - http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=128473

Ok, so the THREAD isn't annoying, but the amount of links is!!!
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Okay, they are even showing up in the v bulletin messages, and here in the "reply to thread" the word "Fonts" in colored and double underlined . Honestly, I thought I had a "trojan" or something and ran my ad aware program while trying not to freak! One of our administrators on my dog forums had one and she had to put up a thread saying "don't click on the '.' " in her posts until the computer guy got it fixed!

My (cable internet) pages are running slower- a lot slower- and occasionally doing the "sticking" thing when I'm scrolling down. And sometimes I use my cursor to keep my place when I'm reading, and I keep bumping the highlighted words and getting the "balloon". Kinda aggravating to have to remember not to go over those words with the cursor...

And I saw that post of Nikki's too- they were all over place and were very distracting. It jumps out at you, like if someone had typed it in all caps- I lose the continuity of the post when I have to take that split second to adjust that there is no emphasis on or special significance of that word, it is just an ad...I don't think that will change.

I think it may also be aggravating people because it puts something in their posts that they didn't type- kinda infers that whatever comes up is something they have something to do with, since they typed the post; even if they would never recommend that product, service, etc. for whatever reason... Not to mention, it is easy to get irked if you think "someone" is messing with what you put in your posts...

I hate to throw cold water on this idea; I understand that this site is here to raise support for the cats through the ads , but I just don't see this as being a good thing for TCS...

Oh, and I understand that it will have to "learn", but I don't remember hovering over one that has to do with cats, yet. "Computer Support in Las Vegas", "Got Fat?" but no cats...or even animal related...
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So glad to know what they are. I thought it was just my computer. Now I know!!
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My computer isn't normally slow either, but now when I come here it takes ages for a page to load...it even took awhile for me to even open the website.
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Originally Posted by catsallover View Post
I hate to throw cold water on this idea; I understand that this site is here to raise support for the cats through the ads , but I just don't see this as being a good thing for TCS...

Mostly, I'm finding that it's making my browser run extremely slowly (and only on TCS pages, so I know it's not just a "slow Internet" day), to the point where it becomes a chore to read through long threads. I was also one of those people who had a panic attack, thinking I had a trojan or some adware on my computer, because I've seen trojans/adware that looked like this.

I appreciate the need to raise support for the site, but I can see this as being very off-putting for new members. It's great for those of you who aren't having any problems, but if I came here as a newbie and had my computer slow down this drastically -- or suddenly look like it had a virus, just from visiting this site! -- I would just leave. I am definitely finding the new ads to be a deterrent.
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I find them visually distracting. I was really surprised to see them here. When I'm doing general surfing, and I visit a new site...if I see those double underlined ads, I normally hit the back button.

It hasn't caused a huge lag for me, but I do see how that could happen.

They need Javascript to work. If JS is disabled in your browser, it may speed things up for you.
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Can the people that complain about the number of links served by this agency please be more specific about number of links per post and per page? These are probably geo-targetted so maybe I'm not seeing what you are seeing. Linking to a thread doesn't help much, I'm afraid, as I could be seeing a different picture in terms of ads delivered.

Also, as has been said before by myself and by Fran here, there's a learning curve for this system, and what you see today isn't what you're going to be seeing two weeks from now (so I'm told). That said, weight loss ads on a page dealing with weight loss and diets would be considered relevant, even if they are not about cats.

I will be leaving this thread open for a few more hours. Do post if you have more to add. I am looking for reports about problems more than anything. If you want to share your general dissatisfaction about the amount of advertising on this site or anything else, please PM me instead of posting here - it's not too constructive in this thread and it's not a matter for community debate. Thank you
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I have to admit that I find them very distracting as well. When reading a post my eye gets "hung" on that word until I remember why its underlined. While its something that I will eventually get used to and overlook, I'm afraid that it will turn off new members coming to the site.

A little off point, but this one has me chuckling. When you roll over "pregnant" on the main forum page it says:

"Looking for pregnant?? Find it cheaper at yaddayadda.com!!"

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I don't mind. It is a bit odd but if it is what is needed to keep the site alive and well. I doubt it would keep me from posting
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This is not going to keep me from posting either, since I'm already an addicted TCS lover. LOL but I could see how it could turn potential new members away It does seem to slow down the site for me... it's not like that for any other site on the internet, just this one. I find it very annoying when trying to read posts with these there... just my opinion (again) LOL!
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Anne, here are the ones I see- are these the same ones you (or anybody else) is seeing?

Index page:

Health... :the word "catfood"; ad for Ebay

Pregnant cats and..."pregnant cat"; ShopBrite.com

Behavior..."cat lovers"; www.wonderfullywacky.com (gifts)
also:..."feline"; www.justanswer.com (vet and feline experts)

Care and Grooming..."beds"; www.mattresscity.com

Caring for strays..."feral cats"; www.petcareinsurance.com

SOS..."animal shelters" www.toseeka.org (answer page)

Cats and other..."pets"; www.flint-river-ranch.info (pet food)

also "household"; www.hfc.com ("imperfect credit?")

And the thread by Jen (10 typed lines in post):
"diet", "green beans" (twice, I believe), "tofu", "icecream", "metabolism"

Does that help?

Oh, and in this thread, (after I posted it) the words "catfood" and "household", along with all the words in Jen's thread, are not showing up underlined here.

Oh, and the banner ad at the top of this forum for SpoilMyKitty.com has the words

"cat furniture"; Cat-Furniture.Pages.US.com

"feline"; www.caring4cancer.com (leukemia site)
"cat trees" abolishpestcontrol.com (animal trapping service)
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Odd -- I'm not seeing any of these at all! Could it be because I'm on dial-up rather than broadband? Or is my trusty Mac protecting me from it?
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You are lucky then.
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I am not a fan of them. My one point for not doing this would be, they are showing up in my marketplace ad - which although it is free, why would I want to see any link possibly taking folks to a competitors site? I noticed thiat these link/ads are also showing in the paid banner ads.

So...my 2 cents as to why I would prefer to see these not become a permanent aspect of TCS.
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And why do we have them, are they just ad's. They sure are ruining this forum.
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Yup, they are new ads. You can't see them as PL member though, thank god.
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There is a thread here about them
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ugh....it's cheesy. Cat toy , pet food , cat tree , can anyone say annoying?!
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It is very annoying!
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Thank you all for the info. I did see something about this but I guess I didn't check it out completely. I just can't afford being a paying member tho I know it takes time and money to have this wonderful forum. I guess I will just put up with the ads.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
I found them totally annoying so I blocked them with my browser and firewall.
hey how did u do that? These ads keep messing up my computer and making it go so slow And well I dont have the money right now to be a paying memeber
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You should post these comments in the thread I linked so the admins see them.
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I was just coming to this part of the site so I could ask about them myself!! They are annoying! They have never showed up for me before so I was about to post a thread about it! Now I know!!
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I totally don't appreciate the tone this thread has taken in the last few posts.

I have been working on this website for over six years now. Not only a labor of love, but also a huge investment in terms of both time and money. This place needs its own dedicated server and admin services, costing several hundreds of dollars a month as well by the way. There are other expenses too, and above all, there is the time and work that has gone into it over the years and still is on a daily basis. So, yes, this is a business, without taking away from the commitment towards promoting cat welfare, which was what made me start this place.

I really don't appreciate comments like "ads only ruin this place" or "why do we need ads, don't we have enough of them already". I appreciate even less recommendations and explanations about how to block ads in this site. If you want to block ads, then you have the option to become a paying member. It is there, available to all for under $5 a month. If you don't want to, then all that is respectfully required from you is to put up with the adverts that pay for your time here. We do try to balance things out, so for example we have no pop-up ads, and we try, as much as is possibly, to bring you cat-related promotions and campaigns. It is not that easy to acheive, so there is a mix of non-cat-related ads as well.

We launched a new form of advertising and I specifically asked for feedback and explained that is was being tested. I wholeheartedly thank the many members that responded both in this thread, and via PM's and reported back various issues, including overall impressions and user experience. We may, or may not be keeping the Kontera ads. We may even disable them temporarily to see if at least some issues can be tweaked away from the board.

Please keep your posts here respectful to the site and to our advertisers. You have the option to pay for browsing this site. You are more than welcome not to, but in that case, these advertisers are the ones paying for you.

I am sorry if I come across as too harsh, but this is something that bothers not only me, but many other web publishers. We work along a model that allows surfer free access to content and web services. That model depends on advertising being served. By blocking ads, on this or any other site, you are robbing the site creator. If more people were to block out ads all over the net, sites would cost money to browse, at least the kind of sites that actually invest in content creation and services.
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Several posts in this thread have now been deleted, in accordance with my last post. No infractions or warnings are issued at this point. If you have any problem with my editing act here, feel free to PM me.

Please read our rules before posting any replies which might be in violation of our rules. Otherwise, feel free to keep bringing us more feedback and again, thank you for that
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Following reports about slower loading time, we have decided to suspend the in-text ads for now, until we resolve some issues with ad performance. It still shows up in our articles section, but not on the forum itself. Thank you all for providing valuable feedback during our testing time.
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When I turned the ads back on I actually didn't see them, but I did notice that my server got very slow and jerky. They don't sound like they'd be too invasive, and I'm pleased that I can turn off all advertising, but if they're slowing things down then perhaps it's best for now until it can get ironed out.

I also want to add, for those who are considering becoming a paying member but can't quite manage the $60, you can pay quarterly, which is what I do. In Australian dollars it's about $75 per year, which is much more manageable in three-monthly instalments.
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Loading much faster today...
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Yep, it is for me too.
Plus it doesn't jerk when I scroll down a page.
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