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my moms home

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My dad and me were thinking that she would be home tomarrow, but she called us this morning and said she was being released sometime today !! So we got back about a half hour ago All went well! And well we had to hold the dogs back, but they got lots and lots of treats so they wouldnt jump on my mom! There is also a nurse that would come to the house to check on the incision to make sure all is well! So everyone please keep sending some quick recovery vibes I am trying to make it less stressful in the house, but my one brother (the one that lives here as well) isnt letting that happen of course ! But othre than that everythings going good so far! My dad is going to get her scripts filled and then do some food shopping so its me and mom for now, and also she wants to thank all of you who was thinking bout her and who sent good vibes (please keep them coming though )

Let me tell u thoug, Tessa was so excited to see her mama, and the dogs and willie! they were just so happy, I am glad that rush is over though
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I'm glad she is home and is doing so good.Healing vibes coming that way.
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I'm so glad she's home, and I bet she is too! I know you will take good care of her. Healing vibes coming her way!
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Oh, excellent! Now comes the waiting-on-her-hand-and-foot part. Tell her to enjoy it while she can!
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Glad to hear you mom's home to bug ya 24/7!
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Glad your mom is home. Here's to a speedy recovery!
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that is great news!! i will continue to pray for her to have a smooth recovery! i'm sure you'll take great care of her!
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well all has gone great so far I slept on the couch with her last night, and today she decided to just stay upstairs (Only allowed to do steps once a day up and down) So when she went up today she decided to stay, and all this sleeping she is doing is making me tired but tonite, I get to sleep in my bed with the kits ! I just cleaned my room and bed off I know, I got so much to do, and during the day I am there with my mom (thats why I am not around as much) But she certainly does appreciates everyones great words and vibes

I am getting jelous though, STORMIE cuddled with her We have come to the conclusion its the cover and the blue thing (its a thing u put ur feet on, the name isnt coming to me right now )

My mom did wake me up at 6 am to get her her pills, and I get up and the dogs are out, I am looking for my dad like howd they get out, while my mom let them out when she went potty and then she woke me up lol, its ok though, and well its my dads turn tonite No i dont mind it at all though really! We did watch "because I said so" tonite, we were cracking up! We got many many more movies to watch within the next 6 weeks
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I am glad that things are going so well for her. Hopefully she continues to improve rapidly.
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Well wishes and healing vibes for Mom!
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You are an angel for taking such good care of you mom! It can get exhausting though, so make sure you get time for yourself too. I remember taking care of my mom, they are some of the best memories ever! We grew so close during that time. Sending love and get well vibes!
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