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Paddy's collar

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I'm am getting frustrated with this little cat!!! I just put on her collar and she's driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! The adjustment it's on iz way 2 big 4 her but every time i pick her up 2 adjust it she just bites me and scratches me 2 peices!!! I mean it's not just the collar!!! Sometimes I'll try 2pet hr and she'll go crazy! She's the most vicious little thing evr!!!
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Heck, if somebody tried to put a collar around my neck, I'd fight 'em tooth and nail, too!

As for biting when you pet her... you've probably posted some history on her and I've missed it. But my first thought is to ask how old she is, whether she's in good health, what kind of life she had before you, whether there are other cats in the house, and how you play with her... are you using your hands to play, without any toys?

If there's another thread I should look at for the answers, let me know...
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You need to be able to read her cues. Im not sure of her history either, but her past has a lot to do with how she responds to things.

If she lets you know she doesnt like certain things, respect that, dont push her, keep your cool around her.

You have to stay calm around cats or they can sense it. And you have to let them be who they are. And when you do that, she will relax more.
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She's about 14 wks. (3 and 1 half mths.) old and in great health!
We did get her from Petsmart, so she could hav hd a hard past. Don't get me wrong she can b very sweet! Oe conclusion I've come 2 iz that she wantz 2 prove that shes more vicious than Callie who's 3 times bigger than her
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Awww, maybe don't put a collar on her if she hates it They do get used to the collar though..

As for the biting..some kitties are just wenchier than others Trout sure is..she is biting my sweater at this very moment
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She finnaly let me adjust it!!! Now that it's tighter it doesn't seem2 b bugging her any more!!! Now if only I couldget her 2 stop bugging Callie!
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Well, that's it! She's a KITTEN!

A big part of a kitten's job is to learn how to defend herself... so they're always practicing. They'll attack anything that moves and most of what doesn't... and because they're babies, they don't yet understand about not hurting the ones you love! So please don't take it personally or get the idea that she dislikes you. It's playacting!

But here's a page with lots of articles that may help you minimize her aggressiveness... and your injuries.


And I'm sure someone (who isn't on her way out the door like I am) will come along to offer some specific suggestions, too... good luck!
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