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New Pics of Jedi

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Thought I'd share some new pics of my adorable little guy. Gosh he's almost 9 months old now. Seems like only yesterday he was a teeny tiny young Paduan...and now he is a Jedi Knight!

His usual regal pose! :tounge2:

Being silly with me!

His favorite sleeping place! :tounge2:

Just hangin' out! :tounge2:

SO adorable!
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Kitty nice he is. Looked after well you have. His powers strong they are.

He's such a love cat, you're so lucky
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Awwww Carla. You're so right, he is SO adorable!

I bet that's one pampered pussycat -what with his own giant cat tree!

LOL! In the third pic he looks like he's wearing a little bonnet . . .
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What a doll! OK, so I'm partial to tuxedo furballs!
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LOL! I know Mike calls that picture..."The Virgin Jedi"

A hahaha! And he is one too!
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Aww What a cutie!! Love the "Between the sheets" pics!! :laughing: Gorgeous!!
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Love those pics! Jedi is indeed gorgeous!

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Cute pics!
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Oh he is beautiful!!! Thanks for the pics!!!!!
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He is so cute Reminds me of Merlin, but has a completely white chin
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I can't see anything!
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Sometimes if I can not see anything, I switch browsers to explorer and I can see. Normally I use Netscape, but use Explorer when I really need to.
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You're right Kellye! When I looked in Netscape I couldn't see anything, but in IE they come up just fine. Duh! I should have thought of that one sooner!

Carla, Jedi is such a little doll baby!! Love the pic of him under the blankies. He has grown into such a handsome little boy!
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