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Cefovecin (Convenia) - anyone know anything about it?

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Radar had a trip to the vet yesterday as he has what is either a tiny abscess (or possibly a rodent ulcer) on his jaw. Vet thinks that it is most likely that he got a tiny cut from something and then scratched it and it got a bit of infection.

She gave him an injection of Cefovecin (marketed under the brandname Convenia) which is a relatively new long-acting broad-spectrum antibiotic that is supposed to be particularly good for skin infections.

I just wondered if anyone had any experience with that particular antibiotic? As it's quite a new one I haven't been able to find a lot about possible side-effects, and I like to know what to look out for just in case (stupid me didn't think to ask the vet, I was too relieved that she didn't think it looked too serious!)

Radar seems to be fine and is eating like a horse but he is a bit grumpy, although that is likely to be because he really didn't like having it cleaned up and it's probably a bit sore this morning. I think that was the first vet visit where he had to be forcibly removed from the carrier
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Nope, but does that mean that you don't have to pill him at all? That would be great for things like that! Hope it heals up well and quickly!
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Nope, no pills. 1 injection which works for the next 7 days! He was a bit tired yesterday and I tried calling the vet but forgot they shut early on Saturdays. He perked right up as soon as I put the phone down though and spent the rest of the day charging around and playing fetch so I think I was worrying about nothing.
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Oh good, I'm glad he's feeling better! Antibiotics wear me out the first few days too- maybe that was all it was .
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I think I just worry a bit too much sometimes. Him having a fairly new drug at 6pm on a Friday right before a long weekend when the regular vet is closed didn't help my anxiety levels He normally naps during the day anyway, and I think with the added stress of a vet visit Friday just disrupted his normal sleep patterns and tiredness is all it was, he's fine now - mixture of napping and strolling about between windowsill, food, and favourite napping places as usual, he won't get really active until around 8pm.

And yes you are absolutely right, any medication can make you feel a bit 'off colour' without it being due to a side-effect or bad reaction. And lets face it, the only reason you're taking the medication in the first place is because something's not right! He's not being very cuddly at the moment because every time he comes over to me I start examining his jaw and it's a bit sore so he's avoiding me at the moment
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Yes, it's very hard not to worry over them if they get close enough to look!

Mine do the same thing- I think they are rolling their eyes as they hop down and leave after the umpteenth time I want to look at their boo boos!
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I've been forgiven, he's been all over me today
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Oh good!
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Well today a scab fell off along with a tuft of fur, so I'm hoping that's a good sign that it's drying up and healing. We were told that it would take around 7 days to dry up but that in the unlikely event that it was still scabby 2 weeks after treatment that they would do a biopsy, so I'm really wanting it to clear up quickly!
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This just got approved for use in the US.
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