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I had to work registers for a little bit last night and it didn't take long to remember why I hate it. One woman sat her stuff down and then just wandered away... came back with a member card, which meant I had to void everything and start over, and I said as polite as I could "It helps us a lot if you give us your card before we start ringing you in, if you come back" and she got all huffy about it... You just saw WHY it matters! Argh.

Or when they get mad that you ask for their ID with their credit card. Oh, I'm sorry for making sure nobody else is spending your money...

I don't envy your last couple shifts, congratulations on moving on up!
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Oh i know! my favourite is when they just dump their armloads of stuff down and go off to shop some more. like i dont have other customers to ring up? USE A CARRT...


Yup...Its sooo tempting not to go in for my last shifts. but i wouldnt do that to the manager..

besides hes holding my pirates movies captive lol i borrowed them to him.
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I REALLY love it when they can't decide what brand of cigs they want..... they smoke them not me.... don't they know which ones they want ??? And no you can not come behind my counter to SHOW me which ones you want, just tell me--I'm not THAT stupid (or am I?)
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LOL luckily we dont cell cigs, or any of the other stuff..doesnt stop people from asking tho.
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i hear ya. i've worked retail, i've worked fast food, and currently am a receptionist at a specialty retail store. sometimes i really wonder about people. i mean seriously, do they REALLY need to be THAT rude? it won't get their problem solved faster.
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Just a little secret anybody with a job working with the public knows: You get treated in direct response to how you act.

Now, I'm not rude back to people, and I will do my essential job for anybody. But there are lots of things I can do to help you above and beyond that. If you are nice to me, or even just not rude, I'm happy to do them unless there is a line behind you. If you are rude to me, it ain't happening. Sorry, tough luck, there's nothing else I can do.
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