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has anyone ever been "visited" by their kitty that has passed?
It's just that I go outside to feed Tom and Mixy and I actually feel that Sassy is there!
I have actually heard her "meow" and out of the corner of my eye, I see that she runs by.
I know that it is actually my hoping that she is there but I want so much to believe that she is still here.
I've had similar "visits" from my first cat Tabby.
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Just once. About two years after my best buddy Scooter died from lymphoma I was in the front room vacuuming when I believe I saw him trot down the stairs and go behind the sofa. I waited for him to come out the other side (which he didn't) and then I went to see where my other two cats were. Both were in different rooms, sound asleep. (They aren't the right color anyway) I was so excited I cried, then I went and got his toys from the cabinet and put them out for him. But I never saw him again. I suppose it could have been my imagination, but it certainly seemed real.
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I'm so glad that you asked this question, because now I don't feel like I'm a little "off".

About 6 or 7 months after we lost our Maggie I was in our bedroom and I walked out into the hallway and I swear I saw her laying right there in the middle of the hall.
Maggie was a huge white cat, we only had Gracie and Lizzie at the time and they were 10 month old kittens, both or them are orange.
So I know it wasn't them that I saw.
Our Lizzie has only been gone for two days, but I thought I saw her in the livingroom this afternoon.

I've been beating myself up over Lizzie being put to sleep, I like to believe that was her way of telling me "you did the right thing, Mom."
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I truly hope that it's true that they are still with us in spirit.
I mentioned on another post a while back that something happed after my Tabby passed.
I had a framed picture of her in the closet and one morining, I heard that something fell.
I took a look to see what had fallen and when I opened the closet, her picture is what had fallen.
At that time, the picture wasn't hung. I had just put it on top of the shelf. I see no reason why it would fall since it was in a flat surface.
I know that this is off topic but something happend with my grandmother.
We were very close when birthdays would come, she'd always give us money in a card.
After she passed, we went to visit my aunt and it was my birthday.
I went outside and was beside her bedroom. I put my hands in my pockets
and there was a $20 that I never recalled put it in myself.
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came to visit me to tell me he was all right and to tell me not to be so sad. Our sweet Lady Claire was sitting on the steps to let me know she could breathe now. I never saw any of the other Rainbow Angels, but you are not weird. I know a lot of people whose cats have visited to let them know they were OK.
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It's nice to hear that you've been visited too!
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My cat BC came back once to let me know he was all right. And I still see Kitt out of the corner of my eye. I'll see this grey form going past me, and since neither of my cats are gray I know it has to be her.
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This is so sweet! Last night I actually heard her "meow". It wasn't Mixy nor Tom because they were eating far away from where I was.
Thanks for sharing.
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Hi, Angie!

Yes, I've had visits from my Bridgekids Sinbad and Tiger, and a lot of the people I've met while a moderator at Petloss.com (2003-2006) and now as admin of the Lighthouse, another grief support site, have had similar visits from their pets who have crossed over. Sometimes they're called signs and visits, but they're also called ADCs or after death communications.

Scott Smith's book The Soul of Your Pet is a wonderful book about these communications.

I'd also recommend two websites about ADCs.

The first is


the website set up by the authors of Hello from Heaven, a wonderful book on ADCs. If you check their message board


you'll often find messages about ADCs from pets. (There don't seem to be any threads about ADCs from pets there right now, which is unusual; I'd check again in a day or two.)

The other site is the After Death Communication Research Foundation website at


They often have accounts of ADCs from pets, and if you use their Search you can find some of them in their archives.

These sorts of experiences are very comforting. There were always lots of posts about them at Petloss, so when we created the Lighthouse last year I set up a two-category forum just to discuss ADCs, one forum to talk about what they are and how to make them more likely (most experts on ADCs recommend meditation), the other for people to post their own ADC stories. There are a hundred topics in the ADC Stories forum now, and I know those aren't all the ADCs posted on the board, that some are mentioned in other forums.

This page on the After-death.com site


has some wonderful info on the types of ADCs, which really don't differ that much from human to pets' spirits. It helps to have some idea what to watch for.

And this page from that site


has some tips on how to make ADCs more likely.

I'm so sorry you lost Sassy and Tabby, but I'm glad you've had visits from them.

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Thank you so much for the information Cindy! I will look into it right now.
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