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In memory of Old Tiger

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I wasn't going to post anything, but then I started feeling bad for passing him over. So....this is just for me and him.

One of the first things I remember when I was finally able to catch Old Tiger was how rough and worn the pads of his feet were. His ears were tattered and he looked like life had been a struggle. I had no personal experience of FIV when the bloodwork came back the day I had him neutered. I do remember that they requested I come pick him up early because he was *unruly*. The technician gave me a talk about FIV and to this day I remember her saying, "You know, he's eventually going to get sick and die," like putting him down would be the wise decision.

Because he was usually confined away from the other kitties, I got him a harness and we would take walks in the yard when the weather allowed. Sometimes I think he actually feigned illness because he would get baby food or AD from a syringe. He actually liked that..the goof.

We had about four years together and he had numerous health issues along the way. Old Tiger eventually lost his teeth and was diagnosed with diabetes, which was controlled with oral medication. He bounced back so many times that the vet used to say that he would live forever, but he didn't. I'm not sure, but I sometimes think that they do know when you're helping them. He was certainly one of the kindest, most grateful cats I've ever known. He'd be in your lap before your butt hit the sofa, and he never failed to drool a wet spot on your pants.

This picture is of him taking in some sun in the yard the day before he died, May 25th, 2000. Rest in peace old friend.

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Bless his little heart. He sure was a handsome fellow. You must miss him terribly.
I understand how it is with a FIV+ kitty. My precious Fred had it, and being such a gentle soul, he never bit any of the others and passed it on. He was my constant companion for 18 years and it never occurred to me tht he would not be with me forever. I hope he and Tiger are playing at the Bridge, young again and healthy.
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What a beautiful tribute for such a beautiful baby. You rescued him from a hard life. It melted my heart to hear he wanted to be fed baby food, he obviously loved the new life you gave to him. May he always fill your heart with love. Rest in Peace Tiger
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Old Tiger was a lucky boy to have you for a meowmy. He lived a happy life with you. RIP sweet Tiger and look for the other TCS kitties at the Bridge.
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Bless you, Cinder, for rescuing Tiger and giving him four good, love-filled years in much better health than he would ever have known without your care. I'm so sorry he went to the Bridge. My Tiger (rescued when she was a feral kitten, lost to cancer when she was 13) and Sinbad would have been there to meet him. He and Sinbad are no doubt comparing notes on the joy of drooling all over the people they love. (Oh, how I miss that...)

Your Tiger is perfectly healthy now, and he will live forever, and someday he'll be able to tell you just how grateful he is for the love and wonderful care you gave him. Including the chance to enjoy that last sunny day in your yard. Not even the best care in the world, which you gave him, could keep him here forever, but he's cured of that FIV now, healed of his old injuries, more beautiful than ever, and you will see him again someday.

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Thank you all for honoring Old Tiger's memory with me. I've been remembering things about him the past day, things that you kind of begin to forget and then all of the sudden they come flooding back to you. Oh...the stories. Normally the garage and the room above it was his domain, but sometimes I simply ran out of places to keep him, so DH framed in the tire rack in the garage with vinyl coated wire and put a door in it. My buddy and I painted and wallpapered it, put constellations on the ceiling with those glow in the dark stars, wicker bed, cat tree, fan... It was big enough that I could get in it and crawl around. You should have seen the look on the guy's face who bought our house. Priceless... Of course we also had a nice cat enclosure built off the side of our house which he immediately had taken down.

After we moved Tiger became one of the cat barn cats. Looking back you always wish you could have done more, while at the time it seemed like you were doing everything you could. I guess you just do the best you can.

May both Tigers, Fred and Sinbad be enjoying the sun on their backs and the wind in their whiskers!

Oh...and the drooling was fondly known as goober-slobber.
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I'm sorry about Old Tiger.
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Bless the little angels heart Yet another handsome boy has crossed the bridge, so have a wonderful time Old Tiger

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Ohhh that made me cry and cry. What a lovely story. Remembering you fondly, Old Tiger, even though we never met
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oh my ! what a handsome fella he is and what a wonderful photo of him, having a little chill in the suns rays
He certainly found love with you and had a wonderful life.

RIP Sweet one, you are in a special place now, take care of the little ones over the Bridge
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Sorry to hear about Old Tiger. He was handsome.

RIP sweetie
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