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Pregnant stray- I have no idea what I'm doing.

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I picked my a stray on Monday(Well, she actually followed me home). Anyways, when I took her into the vet to get a leukemia test done, the vet told me that she was pregnant. She said that the cat had about another 4 weeks left(which would make her due date the same as mine. how ironic..) Anyways, I have no idea what to do.
She is very very skinny. She weighed in at 7.5lbs, but I'm thinking her ideal weight(without being pregnant) would be 9-10 lbs.
I'm worried that she's going to have problems delivering the kittens since she's so weak. Will 4 weeks be enough time to fatten her up enough?
I'm feeding her Nutrience kitten dry food(as much as she wants) and MediCal developmental wet food(half a can a day).I also go some KMR because someone said that it would be food to start giving her some of that everyday at about 2 weeks before she's about to deliver. Is there anything else I can do to make her gain some weight quickly, or do I just hope for the best?
Also, what else should I be doing right now? I'm a complete newbie.
I do plan on keeping the kittens until they are 11-12 weeks old so that they can learn the proper social skills, and I'm gong to be very selective on who the kittens go to.

One more question. She is a medium haired torti. I know that torti's happen when you get a co-dominant black and red(orange) gene with no spotting factor. And I know she has tabby in her (most likely the father was an orange tabby). Now, what I'm wondering is if there is any way to find out which colors of kittens it would be possible for her to have.
If she mated with an orange or black male, would that mean that she could have some tortis(or calicos if the male has a white spotting gene)? There is probably a possibility of her having tabby's too right? How does the tabby gene work?
And she could have some black/black&white, or orange kits?
Would it be possible for her to have gray kits if the father was gray?
Sorry for all the questions. I'm just really curious.
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Four weeks is plenty of time to get her fat and healthy. I have had fosters for less that gained lots of weight under my loving care, hehe. It sounds like you will be a great foster. I don't know as much as you about the coloring , tho. It is always fun to see the colors in a litter. My foster litters are usually all the same color, it drives me crazy trying to tell them apart!
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Here's something that may help you out with the color predictions: http://www.geocities.com/purrceptive.rm/catColor2.html

And I added her to our "kitten watch" thread, let me know what her name is.

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If she followed me home, I would spay her right away. I have been through to many traumatic births with stray cats to allow any cat not known to me to stay pregnant, when spaying is available. Especially because she is in a weakened state now, she still has to deal with the stress of being indoors, get used to your home, and then boom- here come kittens she didn't ask for.
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While I hate the fact that more kittens are going to be coming into the world when there are already too many, I am against aborting any type of pregancy. The vet asked if i wanted to go ahead with the spay, and when I said no, she said that it was probably safer not to have the spay done, since in the condition she's in right now, she might not make it through the surgery. At least in 4 weeks, when she has her kits, she will be in better shape and hopefully will have put on a ton of weight.
I wish they would come out with a law around here that made it manditory to spay/neuter your pets or else you get a huge fine(breeders would have to pay for a permit and write a test. That way it would help put a stop to irresponsible breeders)I know that wouldn't make everyone alter there animals, but it sure would help.
This time of year makes me so sad.

Oh, and that website was very interesting. Thank you.
We've decided to call her Diva since she thinks she's the queen of the house.
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Here's some pics of the pretty girl. Isn't she gorgeous! I don't know how anyone could have abandoned her.
Her belly is getting bigger every day, and already it seems like she's put a little meat on her bones. She seems so happy to have a place to live.

And just so Zorro doesn't feel left out...

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Mixi, my tortie, had a cream tabby, red tabby and two torties (one medium/long hair) from her litter. The stray toms around this area are a blue tabby and a black.

Zorro is just about the cutest thing! Momma is very pretty as well! Good Luck with everything!
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She looks very pritty, are you going to keep her, or maybe one of the kittens too?
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Oh she's definately staying with us! We might also keep one of the kittens. I don't really want to, but the hubby says that if there is an all black or all white kitten in the litter(which I doubt there will be) we're keeping it and he's calling it Boo.
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