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Mischief and Etcetera, hanging out, enjoying some simple bird watching....all the while that darned kid was sneaking up on them....

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Look at that baby He has already grown since your first got him.
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awww! Seb does this on purpose for Daphne Its all fine until she sinks her little teeth into that big ol' tail Freeway is growing so fast! It is amazing how quickly it goes.
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Looks like the one cat is about to go find out what is clinging on to his/her tail.
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They look like winsdscreen wipers swishing away.

Freeway obviously thinks it's the bestest game!!!! I truly cannot get over how well he's settled in, he's obviously a very special boy!
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I just looooooooooove Freeway...
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Aww. What a cutie. The games that kittens come up with to amuse themselves are hilarious.
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Awww Bayley used to do that with Harley's tail- and it was all fine and dandy til he bit Harley's tail! Freeway is just absolutely adorable!
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That tail thing wuz so cute!!! (Their tailz sorta harmonize )
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Sometimes I think adults twitch the tails on purpose to get the kitten to play/attack.
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