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Russian Blue sent me some really cool pictures today and I've posted them on my webpage. Go have a look at the beautiful Nakita


Thanx for the snaps Russian Blue.
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I've seen you website my boy.

I think its really mean of you to dress Suki up as a poodle and make her do dirty things with stuffed toys.

That's catsploitation!
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Ah you've seen the poddle video? I found that ages ago and I posted it there for some guys I know to download :P They thought it was great, you should see the one with Elmo and Tigger :P

*hehe, that tickles* EEK!
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Now I'm curious . . . Elmo & Tigger?

Go on let us into the secret or is it just too, too smutty!
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Um, you'd have to watch the video, it's so funny. It involves to stuffed toys making out :P
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Awwwwwwww they look great, that's my cyber niece you know hehehe!!!

Great job!!!

By the way I am just too much of a prude to see thouse videos of yours hmph!!!!!! (where did you say they were???) not that I'm interested you know!!!!!!!! :tounge2:
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You can get the poodle video from my site at the bottom under all the news. It's not rude just funny. A poodle is attempting to mate with a stuffed toy.
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Elmo and Tigger are now added so you can grab that if you want. Don't worry it's not really vulgar, just very funny. The sounds are really hilarious.
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That's a scream! Well, I'm sure I could hear Elmo screaming anyway!

Cheers - I need a good laugh this avvie - its raining like a good 'un here and I've just had a meeting cancelled for next week.

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'hehe, that tickles'
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Thanks BuNN! Nakita looks F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

And for all of you who haven't seen the videos....this is one...sick..sick...boy we're dealing with! I think the cat biscuits are getting to him.....

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Great page Bunn. Nakita is gorgeous!
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Nakita is so beautiful! And not just because she is Canadian (of Russian descent of course!).
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Nakita really is beautiful! I think I will have to go check out this poodle video now, too!
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OMG!!!! Well at least he sat it back up when he was done! :laughing:
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