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wet food

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I'm currently weening our two cats off of Friskie's Prime Fillets and trying out different wet foods with better ingredients. I bought a few cans of Felidae from a local kennel and one took to it immediately, while I had to mix a little Friskie's with it for the other. I'm pretty sure because of accidently buying pate style in the past, that she prefers cuts and gravy. Is there a really good cuts and gravy out there that has good ingredients?

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Merricks is very good, but I wouldn't call it "cuts and gravy" it's more like "bits in sauce". LOL ...but they might go for it. There are at least 8 different flavors, all similar texture...but I have seen cats that go nuts for one flavor and won't touch another (among the Merricks specifically). A couple flavors - Cowboy cookout and Surf and Turf are a little less "soupy" but they might like those too. My cats like it.

It's at www.merrickpetcare.com

FYI, the prices I pay locally for it aren't NEARLY as high as the prices on their site...so don't let that part scare you.
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Evangers has Whole Mackerel and Gravy, that's just what it says - a whole mackerel in gravy. You can mash up the mackerel a bit though. My cats licked the gravy, but then one of them threw up. I suspect it was Swanie because he sometimes has a senstive tummy. You can buy individual cans from Phydeaux if you want to try it.

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My cats will only eat a chunky, chopped type food we used to use nutro pouches but of coarse since the recall happened. i have had to go with things like fancy feast and proplan.. i have used a bit of friskies and whiskas but the proplan and fancy feast are better taken too.

the only upper end one i did get some success with was a wysong chicken stew but it's hard for me to get ahold of but it did have a chunk type texture.

I think fromms is supposed to make a shredded food as of yet it's not in my country..

merrick is very loose in texture so if your cats like a cut n gravy i doubt it will go over well, mine won't touch any flavor despite my repeated attempts.

I truly wish more companies would make chunky type foods, as i know their are plenty in dog food but the majority of cat seems to be a runny pate which my youngest cat especially turns his nose at
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By Nature makes pouches with chunks of meat and/or fish in gravy, no wheat gluten. Your cat might like those.
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Originally Posted by followedbydolls View Post
I truly wish more companies would make chunky type foods, as i know their are plenty in dog food but the majority of cat seems to be a runny pate which my youngest cat especially turns his nose at
I share that completely! Singa and Soleil (and seriously myself as well) totally prefer the type where you can more or less see that there is 'normal' meat in it. All this pate! - Who really knows what is in it?? I had quite a big piece of plastic in one of those pate cans once (either Evolve or NB I think). Freaked me out actually!
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i haven't had much luck changing my cats' minds about friskies prime filets. when the recall first came out i stopped feeding it, but 2 months later, i've caved. they actually got to a point where they were not eating much wet food at all. we tried the by nature pouches. raven and nabu like the fishy ones, but none of my cats like the chicken ones. our petsmart has them now if you don't want to get stuck with cases of food your cat won't eat (i mail ordered mine---now i have 2 cases of pouches to donate to the shelter).

i still give them friskies in gravy for breakfast (their other meals are other brands, pate style) because otherwise they go off their food. they also like friskies in shreds. the ingredient lists of "prime filets turkey", "prime filets chicken", "shredded chicken", and "shredded turkey & cheese" are all better than most of the other flavors. the only pate of friskies my guys like is "poultry platter."
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