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Hey guys

I finally made Princess's spay appointment and they asked if I wanted her microchipped as well, I said I'd have to think about it and get back to them.

The issue is this, my husband is somewhat of a conspiracy theorist, not so much as that is all the talks about, but he seems to think in general that the government is out to get us in some way. I do agree with a few points he's made, but not many.

Here is my question... I think it'd be great to have her microchipped just in case she ever gets out somehow, but DH thinks it's another way to track us and it's a route to microchipping humans and blah blah blah.. He thinks her collar is enough.

So, I wonder if I can just get her chipped without him knowing? Can you tell by looking at the injection site?

I hate lying to him like this, but she's my baby and I don't want to lose her. Any advice would be appreciated
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You cant tell by looking if they have been micro chipped or not. All my fosters are microchipped. He wouldnt be able to tell.
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All of my kids have chips and really, you'd never know.

Right now I can feel the chip on the new baby - but only because he's severely underweight and I know what to feel for. On the rest of them I couldn't find the thing to save my life.

Unless he has xray vision, I don't see how he'd know about it

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awesome that is what I was hoping to hear Thank you guys
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Both Mika and Bijou are microchipped and there's no "tell-tale" signs. I think you are safe from having hubby find out. Just hope they never get lost and get scanned.
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No scarring, and the injection site (neck/shoulder area) is totally hidden by hair.
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