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Falling Asleep at work...Help :(

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I cannot keep my eyes open for the life of me. I go to bed at a resonable time everynight (around 10pm) and yet I wake up everyday feeling dead tired, it doesn't help that my job is a bore! So I am sitting here trying to read The Witching Hour and I am starting to dose off (don't get me wrong it's a good book)! Help what do I do? I can't drink coffee or caffine soda because then I will be encountering other problems (digestive/heart)! LOL this is no good, Im look tired too (I went to bed before 10 last night)! I am 24 and I feel like I am 80! I think maybe the boredom is making me tired, having a job with alot of spare time brings you down...I've tried playing games, of course I am always on tcs, and so on! What is a girl to do?
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Oh yeah, it sucks to be that tired...I am always falling asleep while I read. I guess it doesn't help to read in bed.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Oh yeah, it sucks to be that tired...I am always falling asleep while I read. I guess it doesn't help to read in bed.
Yeah reading in bed usually puts me out too. Regardless of how good the book is, within 20 minutes I'm usually asleep.

A good thing for staying awake is to make up a little game or activity just to give your brain an excuse to work. Even if you can't come up with a little game, just trying to is making you think and stay awake. Or you could try to solve riddles.
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Im trying ladies! Im having conversations just to stay awake! I took a break from reading... It's putting me to sleep! Im eating a sucker too, maybe that'll give me a little sugar boost!
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Look at the cute kitty pics in Fur Pictures- that always kept me awake when I was falling asleep at my last job
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Hmmm maybe I will give that a try, Im pretty desperate!
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Originally Posted by trixie23 View Post
Hmmm maybe I will give that a try, Im pretty desperate!
Sometimes I like to go back thru my old posts and threads & read them- sometimes its good for a laugh or two!
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LOL you are too funny....I do that too! Shhh don't tell anyone!
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That is exactly the reason why I'm on TCS all day at work!! If you ever get SUPER bored... you'll always know I'm online Mon-Fri 7-5pm (my time) I love to chat

Someones sleeping
ha ha ha ha
Not for long......
ooops a little too hard
I just wanted to wake you up
Someone still looks tired!
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Good question, I have the same problem!
I usually resort to caffeine though...and I do have stomach problems with coffee sometimes but it's worth it.
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Originally Posted by trixie23 View Post
LOL you are too funny....I do that too! Shhh don't tell anyone!
Good to know that I'm not the only one!
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Have you talked to your doctor? It is not normal to consistently wake up so tired after a full night's sleep. Have you been tested for anemia or sleep problems? I hope you feel better!
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Originally Posted by Catfriend View Post
Have you talked to your doctor? It is not normal to consistently wake up so tired after a full night's sleep. Have you been tested for anemia or sleep problems? I hope you feel better!
I agree. my mother had the same thing and she ended up finding out she had sleep apniea.

She would literally fall asleep at her desk. Hand on mouse and pen in hand.

The problem was as that she would stop breathing once she fell into REM sleep and her brain would wake her up just enough to start her breathing again but not enough to actually wake her up. The oxygen levels drop and keep you from actually getting rest.

I would suggest you try a sleep clinic for it.
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Definitely have a sleep study done. Maybe consider an appointment with your regular doctor first for a few general blood test to rule some stuff out first.
Eating better, exercise.. all that stuff helps too.

As for The Witching Hour.. it did drag in a few spots

I've noticed that text size has a big effect on if a book will start to make me sleepy, smaller text tires out my eyes quicker so I end up 'resting' them.
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Play the smileys conversation game!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!
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you could try some orange juice. I know when i am tired some orange juice gives me a boost. i am a chronic insomniac so i use that one alot, lol
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I have alot of medical problems (I was once anemic and I am no longer)...I have MVP, Gastritis, Acid Reflux, Bile Reflux, Breathing Problems (unknown, the hardest for me to deal with), Colonic Inertia, Hiatal Hernia (not present on my last check up), and Sleeping Problems! LOL that could be why! Can't drink orange juice it is too acidic but that was a nice suggestion! Im not going to the doctors, I saw the doctors over 20 times last year and had 4 procedures that got me nowhere, I don't have the money anymore to be told that they don't know what is wrong with me! I don't want to say i have givin up but they can't figure out what the deal is! As for The Witching Hour I do think the small print is doing me in and she tends to drag stuff on especially in the beginning...get to the good stuff already. Im tired of hearing about Michael's love for music and buildings lol! Its over a chapter worth of description!
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Try to not have carbohydrates or high fat foods for lunch. Carbohydrates will make you want to sleep. Stick to veggies and protein at lunch.

Also, if you go to bed at a regular time each night and wake up exhausted, you could have a sleep disorder. Have you had a sleep study done? If not you might want to talk to your doctor about that and have one. I was the same. I felt brain dead: a zombie. Always tired. I had a sleep study done a couple months ago and found out that I have severe sleep apnea which causes me to wake up dozens of times each hour so I never get into REM sleep and never feel rested.

I know have a CPAP machine that I use at night to keep my airway open and from the first night I used it I have felt like a new person. I'm still tired because I've been deprived of sleep for so long that my body is still trying to get used to quality sleep, but I can certainly say that I do feel more rested upon waking up than I did without the machine.
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How do I go about having a sleep study done? Im sure that this is something that insurance will cover (I hope)! Do I just call a sleep institute or is a doctor referal usually needed?
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Before you go to the expense of a sleep study, you might have your doctor check your glucose levels. A few years ago, I was falling asleep at my desk, too. When it happened one day during a meeting (!), I made a doctor appointment because I thought I must be narcoleptic -- but it turned out I was diabetic.

Does it usually happen around the same time of the day, or around the same length of time after lunch? Does it happen even when you've gotten plenty of sleep the night before and felt rested that morning? And of course... is there any history of diabetes in your family?

If yes to those, I'd suspect diabetes. If no, then it very well could be sleep apnea or some other sleep disorder. Or it could be something else altogether! Whatever it is, it's not normal... so please don't just treat the symptoms. Go get checked out.

Hoping it's not diabetes!
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im not diabetic but thanks for putting out possibilities... I've been checked for everything...I've seen a cardiologist, a pulmonary specialist, 2 different gi's, and a primary physician more than 30 times i'd say in the past year and a half! They give me the brush off because i am young and I think it is quite shi**y! Not to mention how much I had to pay in medical bills, so honesty i won't go to the doctor anymore, I don't even take the prescribed medication because it does not work or it puts me into a condition where I can't go to work! I had made the step to helping myself but doctors these days are satisfied with their "I don't Know" response to everything! It's a shame that I am going to be the way I am for the rest of my life cuz no one can figure out what is going on! As for the sleep study....If that is not something covered by insurance then I won't be able to do it...I live paycheck to paycheck so that would void the option!
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I agree to get to the bottom of why you wake up tired. But, as for falling asleep at work, I can relate! I work in a call center and am on what they call the "helpline" which means co-workers call me when they have a question about a call, or someone wants to talk to a supervisor, so I can go over an hour just waiting for a call. I read constantly, and found that Anne Rice isn't the best choice! I love her books but, as a friend said "it takes her 5 pages to describe a tree"! Sometimes, just standing up and stretching helps to wake me up. Last week though, I actually was snoring at my desk (how embarrassing!) The girl that sits in the cubical next to me had to hit me to wake me up! Luckily, I wasn't drooling, and the supervisors didn't realize I had fallen asleep. Another girl on the helpline gave me 1/2 of a vivarin (caffine pill) and that really helped. I hate taking pills like that, but it was the only way I could stay awake. I know you can't drink caffinated drinks or coffee, but could you take 1/2 of a pill? What stinks with my job is I only have access to certain internet site that are work related. TCS is obviously not one of them. I did manage to find solitaire on the computer, but got in trouble for playing it. Yet, the supervisors are sitting there reading their email and checking out NASCAR sites all day long! Something's not right here.

Anyway hon, I feel for you!
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I cannot take caffine pills even a little...I have heart palipitations and that is not a good thing for me to do...LOL there are no caffine options! I once took a caffine pill in highschool and it was a bad idea...My heart can't take that! I've already talked to doctors about it and they could give two sh**s, they say I am not anemic and blood work is fine (I was anemic when I was little) I was also tested for thyroid cuz it runs in my family, and I don't have it! Doctors are so impersonal these days, that when i mention i have a sleep problem they shrug it off... I use to go to therapy cuz of all my issues and she suggested a sleep study...Ill have to check into it! I have nightmares almost everynight (sometimes a few a night) which is partly why my sleep is interupted so frequently!
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Originally Posted by trixie23 View Post
How do I go about having a sleep study done? Im sure that this is something that insurance will cover (I hope)! Do I just call a sleep institute or is a doctor referal usually needed?
You need to talk to your doctor. They are by referral only.
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Gotcha! Im sure that wouldn't be a problem, it is just sad that I would have to suggest it since the only one who has was my therapist!
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It sounds to me like you're going to the wrong doctors! There are good, caring doctors around, who will actually listen... and take the time to explain things in detail so you understand them, too.

You might try talking to the nearest hospital -- usually, they have a doctor referral service that could help you identify someone more appropriate for what you need. Just say right up front, "Please don't just give me the next doctor on the list -- I've had a very hard time, and I need someone with these particular qualities..."

In the meantime, I'm curious as to what they've prescribed for you, if you don't mind telling.

You said you have heart palpitations... have they ever told you that you have Mitral Valve Prolapse, a heart murmur, or any other specific heart problem?

Also... you don't smoke, do you?

Ignore me if I'm being too snoopy -- but I get like this when there's a mystery to solve!
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Yes I have mitral valve prolapse...If you look up a few posts I have all my conditions listed! All of my doctors were highly recommended physicians...The only one I actually like is my GI! No i do not smoke...I smoked for a very long time and quit coming up on two years now! I also don't drink or do any drugs anymore... That is what set off this whole mess (well at least I think, the doctors don't)! I'll get back into seeing doctors eventually but honestly it has been a waste of money thus far! I am prescribed Protonix for my acid and bile reflux but it doesn't seem to help too much (had a bravo surgery and according to that surgery the pill helps if I take it twice a day), I am suppose to take gaviscon with everything I eat for my gastritis (I like pepto better so thats what I use, doc said it was ok), I am also perscriped Miralax and Senna (for my colonic inertia)...this I don't take because I cant spend all day in the bathroom (I have to work) plus my colonic inertia is getting a little better! The only other perscription I am on is birth control (the pill) and I have been on it for at least 5 years! They did not put me on medication for my MVP...apparently that medicine is a catch 22...It may make you feel better, or it can make you feel worse! I do have to pre-medicate anytime I have an invasive procedure done or when I go to the dentist! So there you have it...My poor little body's issues in a nutshell!
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Darlin, what a mess! I'm so sorry you've got so many troubles.

All I can say is... well, did you ever see the movie, "As Good As It Gets?" Jack Nicholson, Greg Kinnear, Helen Hunt? Wonderful film, and there's a scene where, after years of misery with all her little boy's ailments, Helen Hunt finally gets a doctor who listens and cares and understands and makes a real commitment to help her little boy. And her joy and relief at that moment just overwhelms her, and the audience too. And that's what I think it will be like for you when the right doctor comes along! Don't give up!
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Thanks, you are too sweet! I saw parts of that movie, it looked like a cute heart warming flick! Thank you for being so optimistic, it gives me a better outlook on things when someone has a positive opinion towards the matter! It's been two years that I have had major difficulties and I am just waiting to experience relief sometime in the future! Thank you for caring, all your kind words, and great advise!
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I realise that you're gotten home and the sleep moment has passed, but I just want to offer that if that happens again, do what Natalie_ca, watch your carb intake during lunch.

I'm not diabetic either, but if I have too many carbs during lunch (pasta, hamburgerr and fries, large bowl of ice cream) then I go into a "carb coma". Basically eat salads (such as garden or chef salads - avoid anything with breaded chicken) or soups, etc. Eat light too. For example if you can only do McDonald's, order from the Kids menu instead of the adult. The adult meals are basically your serving for the entire day rather than a meal. The kids are still filling but are light.

Also another good hint is to get up and walk around. Even if you're job duty doesn't call for it, walking around and visiting the lunch room or going to the bathroom does WONDERS. Half the time I stop, talk to someone and that helps wake me up.
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