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I just can't believe this!!

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As some of you may know, not so long ago hubby and I moved house, we moved a quite a way so that I could be closer to my job as it was too difficult to get to and from work, but before we decided to move I looked everywhere for another job closer to home, ESPECIALLY at the local RSPCA (rescue centre) that was just at the end of the road - I could walk it in 5 mins!! Anyway, nothing came up, so we decided to move and all went well. We love the new house and it is SOOO much closer to my job that I now walk to and from work every day.

However, recently I have been fed up with my job and have been looking through local job papers, and what crops up?? A DREAM JOB AT THE RSPCA WHERE I USED TO LIVE!!!!! I can't believe it!!! Now a job is available, I couldn't there if I got the job!!!
Trouble is, I've tried to convince myself to forget the job as there is no way I could there every day, and I would have to work some weekends which means seeing hubby even less than I do now...... but I can't forget it!!! Its something I SOOOOOO want to do and its even better money than what I'm on now!! I REAAAAALLY want to apply for it, but, I don't know... what if I get it and I can't find a way to get there? Of course I realise I may not even get the job.... but I soo want to apply, I can't tell you how extactic I'd be if I got it!!
Trouble is, hubby isn't too thrilled about the idea of me working weekends as thats about the only time we ever get to do anything together... but the job says weekends will be on a rota, so it would likely only be one weekend in 6.

What do you all think I should do?? There are no buses that go there, a taxi ever day will just cost faaaar too much, and I can't drive - although within a couple of months I should hopefully have passed my test..

Any suggestions??

(sorry this is so long!!)
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You could always cycle to work. Once you get sorted maybe even get a moped, they're cheap and safe. If you want this job do everything in your power to get it.
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BuNN cyling isn't a bad idea.. hmm.... only trouble is it'd probably take me about an hour... but could be a last resort!! THANKS!!
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It's hard work, but the exercise will do you the world of good. You could of course get a moped! The lessons are cheap, they are easy to use and you could look so cool speeding to work with your helmet on

Could you possibly contact them and tell them your problem? Maybe there's someone nearby who works there and would be willing to give you a lift.

I was offered a Architecture job in central London ages back and the guy who ran the company offered to let me stay at his home with his wife and kids during the week. He'd pick me up Sunday night from home and bring me back on Friday nights. I never did take the job, lol.
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:laughing: Just WHAT are you implying?!?!? :laughing: I know the exercise would do me good, but it'd be difficult to bring all the poorly furbabies home with me on a bike... hahaha!

I thought about looking for a lift, but I didn't know whether that would seem a bit presumptuous - you know, if I haven't GOT the job...
as for lodging with someone, I don't think hubby would go for that AT ALL!! :laughing: but maybe I will call them and explain the situation, after all, whatever happens it shouldn't be for long as I'll hopefully ahve passed my driving test soon.
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I'm implying nothing, lol. I'm 16 stone so I can't say anything. No cycling is great way to get fitter. I used to weight train, I found that my heart wasn't very healthy so my doc told me to start cycling. It improves blood flow and heart rates. So cycling to work is a great way to start (unless the weather is naff).
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Bod - apply for the job. If you want it, then go for it. Don't discuss travel issues with them at this stage, as you need to present as few obstacles to them offering you the job, as possible.

The moped is a good idea. They're cheap (actually, my stepson is looking to sell his . . .) and you only need a couple of lessons and to pass a quick CBT exam - which is very basic - to be able to ride one. Your license is provisional, but you get to ride without a further test for 2 years. You can even get non-naff mopeds which look like little motorbikes.

Will you have access to a PC there? What will we do without our daily dose of Bod if you don't?!?!

Go for it 100% girl!
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Yeah go for it, we're all behind you.

GO Boddy, Go Boddy, Go Boddy! *Bunn does silly rotational arm movements like they do on Ricky Lake*
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I think you should at least apply. Sometimes it takes so long for people to get hired that the transportation problem will be solved by then. If it doesn't and if they offer you the job, you can always turn it down. If you don't at least apply, you know that you have lost the opportunity for sure right now.
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Thanks for the suggestions, I shall take them all on board and let them rattle around in my head.... I'll let you know what I decide
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Hey Bod,

This job may be your dream job, but while doing it, bear in mind that you could be exposed to situations that could bring on nightmares. You will see first-hand abuse cases that will tear at your heart. So what you need to ask yourself is are you strong enough to handle it should it come your way?

I am not trying to put a damper on your news here, just giving you a look at the other side of the coin is all. You will be able to do so much good, but you will also see the evil in people and that tends to wear on you in time. The people I know who work openly in rescue call these times Stress-Outs and you have to have a good support system at home to get through them. It sounds like you have that right now. So if you think you are heart-ready- then I say go for this dream job!
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"GO Boddy, Go Boddy, Go Boddy! *Bunn does silly rotational arm movements like they do on Ricky Lake*"

Sorry, Bunn, but I'm laughing at the thought of you dancing around the house a la Ricky.

Go for the job - as me old mum used to say "where there's a will, there's a way"
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Follow your heart and your dreams! But you can't take home all of the animals.
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Thanks everyone, but alas, my hopes have just been dashed.... I rang them for an application form in my lunch hour... and they've already filled the position internally!!!! (HOW QUICK WAS THAT!?!?!?) But WHY do they advertise if they're just going to use someone who already works there!?!?!??! Surely they should do that first, and THEN advertise if the job hasn't been filled!??!!? Ah well.... I'll keep looking... (and sulking)
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I hear this so much, hard lucky Boddy They are required by law to advertise vacancies, but alot of the time they just hire someone else from inside. Makes me sick when they do that.

Nay mind Bod, you'll get something sooner or later
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Thanks BuNNy :laughing:
I'll just keepa looking I guess
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On the Animal Planet channel there is a program called Animal Precient(sp?) that shows the SPCA doing rescue work in New York city. The condition that some of these poor animals are in is so horrible it's unreal!!!!! I'm sure it's much worse to actually see these animals in person.

Maybe you could try doing some occasional volunteer work for one of the RSPCA rescue centers first to find out how well you can cope with some of the terrible things you might see. Also, doing volunteer work might help increase your chances of being hired when a position opens up.
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Oh Bod, that's a bummer. I know you really wanted that. Never mind. Lorie's suggestion is great - get in with them, befriend those that make decisions and then jump in. You might be the internal promotion next time!

I know you still have to overcome the problem of getting there - but with all the suggestions and your impending driving test (watch out Leicester - lock your doors and bring your children and pets off the street) that might not be a problem for long!
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HEY!! I'm an excellent driver!! I've only hit ONE person!!!! :laughing: :laughing:
But thanks Yola, and yes Lorie's suggestion is a great idea.... just gotta find some spare time and bribe hubby into taking me... Hmmmmm
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I too was going to tell you to go for it, until I just read the position had been filled. Keep looking...maybe something like that will come up nearer to you!!!
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