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Who's Fault?

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So what do you guys think of this?

Basically, the father of the Cardinals' pitcher who died after driving drunk (while talking on a cell phone) into a tow truck is suing the tow truck, the guy who's car broke down on the highway, (he shouldn't have broken down there), and the restaurant where he was drinking. Surprised he hasn't included the cell phone company.

Good thing his son wasn't drinking at his father's home or he'd have to sue himself.

This is so aggravating!
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Just what this country needs...another nationally known frivolous lawsuit. Really, is it ever going to stop?
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Why not sue to makers of the alcohol he drank too? Oh! And the Cardinals for paying him the money he used to buy the booze.

I am sorry that the guy lost his son, but he's the one who drove drunk and killed himself.

The only possible realistic part of the lawsuit would be the restaurant, because (at least here it is) it may be illegal to serve more alcohol to someone who is visibly intoxicated. But some people, especially those with drinking problems, handle their booze very well, and if he used different bartenders/waitresses for his drinks they wouldn't necessarily know how many drinks he had over the course of that 3 hours.
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Only in America, everything is always someone else's fault. Pathetic
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I don't know about ya'll but I have never allowed my car to stall anywhere but it never listens and stalls anyways where ever it wants. Dang car never listens.

At any rate not to make light of ones death. I am sorry the guy got drunk and wrecked his car into someone else and died. But its not their fault the guy got drunk and decided to drive. Its not like they knew before hand he would be driving drunk and decided to stall there so he would have an accident. Some people...If anyone should be sued may be it should be the resturant but largely I think the blame is on him. He should not have gotten behind the wheel after drinking period.
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Sounds like a man who is either extremely guilt ridden and lashing out or not seeing the fact that he is more to blame then any one else!
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