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Beautiful Stranger, the strange rescue kitty

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This is the email:

Date: 2007-05-17, 7:27PM EDT

I just almost got hit by 3 cars saving a great little tiger kitten off of Guilford Avenue exit of I-83.

The cat is so cute and so lovable. I just cannot have any pets but she will be staying w/ me until I find a home.

If anyone wants to take this cat off of my hands call me

Call me and you can come over and see her and then decide. Hope to hear from someone soon.


When I first brought her home, she was so sweet, she slept with me that night, even though I knew the dangers of that

That morning she attacked my leg and played and played, but was EXCELLENT with the litter box.

The second day I applied Frontline to her though she never scratched. She ate her wet food, a great start I think, as she doesn’t even touch dry. She eats natural life’s turkey and chicken canned.

But yesterday, the fourth day, last night, she growled and growled and wanted to bite. Well, that pretty much calmed my fears that she might’ve been lost [I didn’t want to give her up]

But I am at a lost. Why not this behavior initially. The man who found her said she followed him around, and loved to play, but he let her play-bite [people don’t know…] so she thinks it’s okay. But the growling, I think it’s too much at once, me, my boyfriend. She never purrs, but she grooms. She will sit on your lap forever and is very friendly, never shy, never one to run from you. But she does not associate touch with good things. She will not let you rub her back without a nip, and she does not fall in love with having the back of her ears scratched. I do it anyway and ignore her when she nips. She goes to the vet tomorrow. My boyfriend had to sit me down and explain she may never be ‘the cat’ I dream of, but for some reason, that is okay. I mean, I can’t give her back or give her away, as a may be somewhat feral. So regardless, she is mine forever, she will learn to trust, learn to love, I am sure she likes house better than the streets. I am just waiting to see if she’s a kitten or a savvy starved adult. I have never been so scared, yet so in love. Can’t get her too close to my face or she may bite my nose!! Heck, it’s only been days, I am so happy, I think she will be soon, too…

Input, advice, instruction?? Thanks…
This is my seven:
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Bless you for saving Seven! She is gorgeous! I love her beautiful eyes and big cutie ears!

Christopher Cody wouldn't let me touch his back feet when I first got him but now he will. I think you're doing everything right by having patience and being determined to give her a happy, forever home.
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Originally Posted by ConsumerKitty View Post
I think you're doing everything right by having patience and being determined to give her a happy, forever home.

She is beautiful! Thank you for saving her! Let us know how it goes at the vet.
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Pearce, from the pictures, Seven looks like she's about 4 months old. The first thing I'd advise you to do is make sure she is really a she. Next, after getting her checked over by a vet, you should probably have her spayed. I'd say she's doing the growling and nipping because she's torn. On the one hand, she has learnt that humans are scary and not to be trusted but on the other, she craves affection and attention. My advice would be to back off a bit and don't go to her, let her come to you. Sit on the floor talking quietly to her or reading. If she comes to you, don't try and touch her. Let her rub against you and play with toys you offer her. After a few days of this, if she is comfortable, reach out and let her sniff your hand. She will let you know that she wants patting by 'smooshing' her face and body against your hand. If she doesn't and seems hesitant, keep up with quietly sitting with her. Remember to never stare at her - it's seen as a threat in cat language.

Take things slowly and don't push yourself on her. It is a big, big change for her and she has been with you less than a week. She and you are doing really well.
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Thank you. If she has survived all this, do you think it would be unfair to give her vaccines other than rabies, ofcourse. She doesn't sneeze, her eyes are bright, would you still vaccinate her?
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I would still get her vaccinated (and spayed) to ensure continued good health. She sure is a cutie pie!
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Yes, I agree. Have her tested for the major illnesses when she sees the vet and then have her vaccinated. It is not unfair at all. In fact, you are doing her a favour by making sure she stays healthy and happy.
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Thanks. I def. plan of getting her spayed. I will explain everything to the vet and keep you all posted. Thank you for the well wishes, you all make me feel really great. and someone in another thread touched on what I was trying to convey to my boyfriend, since she is semi-feral, no one would really give her the care I think she needs, I would fear she would be abused, pit bull bait or euthanized. and as long as I respect her space I don't think she'll hurt me, she will just have to be a living breathing piece of lap art until she is comfy...
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Bless you for saving her!!! Shes a beauty!!
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