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Silly Suki!

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What a silly kitty. Yesterday I made some Christmas cards for sending out. I trimmed them up nice and neat and rolled the strips of paper into coiled springs(I was bored). Anyway Suki took a shine to these coiled pieces of paper and spent the best part of an hour chasing them about the kitchen. I'm going to try and get a few seconds of video footage of her doing it, it's so funny to watch her wiggle her butt and pounce on bits of paper.
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:laughing: Sounds cute!! Love that "butt wiggle" they do!! My kitties have a habit of doing the "butt wiggle" when I'm painting, then proceed to "hunt and kill" my paintbrushes...
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Hehe, that's so cute I bet you have to hunt for them after your cats have taken them to their hiding place Suki hides balls of wool behind the settee, she picks them up, howls and wanders off with this HUGE ball of wool in her mouth. Then when we look behind the settee there's a huge pile of them.
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I bet that's a real problem when you're trying to knit your woolly scarves and the cat runs off with the wool, eh BuNN?
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LOL shuuush you, I don't knit We have loads of wool from when my Gran used to do alot of jumper making. Suki loves it so tends to steal it and make wool mountains
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Isn't it funny how you can spend tons of money on kitty toys and they aren't that interested, but just try to be creative once, and they are all over whatever you are doing/making!

I love the butt wiggle too! It's really funny watching Trent sneak up on Ophelia, butt wiggle and pounce, landing right next to her when she didn't even know he was around and scaring the bejeebers out of her! Maybe that's mean, but it is so funny!
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Yeah Speaking of which I just put their piccies on their own special page You know where to go to see them, hehe, I pimp the site enough. :tounge2:
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Thanks! Their page looks great! They always need more people to "ooh and aawww!" over them.
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BuNN - why don't you put a link to your site in your signature? That way if you put new piccies on your site, all we have to do is click on the link when you inform us and it will serve as a constant reminder of where to go (in addition to TCS of course) for cute kittypix.
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Aye I could do, good point. Like so?

Suki's World

Thanx for the idea
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What a great website! I just saw the poodle video. Thats one randy dog! ROFL
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You have done such a great job with your website!!
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Thanx I just started a new guest book, the one from Goecities is way to small. So I used Signmyguestbook.com, looks alot nice too
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