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Running shoes

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Hey all.

Do you wear running shoes? If yes what kind do you wear? Do you prefer a name brand (if so why?) or do you do a no-name? How often do you wear them and how often do you replace them?

Personally I prefer a name brand like Fila, Avias or Brooks. I find that these fit my feet the best (I have a wide foot). I prefer them leather if possible and completely or at least mostly white. Currently I am on my 2nd pair of Filas. Previous to the Filas were the Avias and previous to the Avias, Brooks. I used to pretty much wear them daily when I was at my old job, but since I have to be a little dressier here, I only rarely wear them for work. I tend to wear running shoes on weekends or more usually sandles in the summer. I usually wear them until they are falling apart.
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my current ones are New Balance walking shoes (need new ones badly). love them. they are comfortable and VERY ventilated.

had a pair of nike running shoes. hated them. after they broke in, the sides were cutting off circulation to 1/2 of my foot.

i'm going to buy merrell running shoes this time. i bought a pair of merrell sandals this spring, and they design the shoe for how women walk. they are awesome. i'm totally buying merrell running shoes.
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I've never tried Merrel, will have to look into those. I currently only buy New Balance. They fit my feet and don't hurt. I refuse to wear shoes that hurt any longer I live in Nike Land and I don't like Nike.
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New Balance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are amazing on my feet!!! My feet over pronate when i run- so my new balance pair helps that and as a result helps prevent things like shin splints and aggervating my tendonidious/arthritis in my knees when i run. I have used New Balance for years and love them!!!!!! They also last better than nike, adidas, rebox and some of the other popular ones as far as intense running goes- i did track/cross country/ and running clubs for years. I am not able to run like i used (haha and as a result have totally gained weight) to anymore (years of sports killed my legs!) but when i do workout- i always wear my new balance tennis shoes Another thing i really like about new balance is that they carry my shoe size and width (i wear a 5 1/2 - 6 depending on the shoe and my feet are really narrow.)
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I have a pair of the new Nike Air Maxx - and I LOVE THEM! They are so cute, and soooo comfy when I'm walking/running/working out, or just running around doing errands. I got them on sale for like $50, had been over $100something.
Definately worth it
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I have Nike Shox for the gym..I actually should replace them soon. They don't seem worn out though..I love them, very comfy!
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I wear Ryka! I have a pair of Mary Jane style walking shoes that I love and get lots of comments on! Ryka is a women owned/shoes designed by women for women.. Narrower heel, wider toe, etc. Just ordered a pair of sandles which came today! Can't wait to get them. Plus prices are bery reasonable. For anyone looking for Ryka or Merrell, check out QVC because they carry both brands and have reasonable prices. And, where else can you buy a shoe, wear it for 30 days and return it if you don't like it? Gotta love that!

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!
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I hate tennis shoes!! I mean in the summer all i wear is flip flops/sandals.

I do have some New Balance tennis shoes that I wear to walk in though.
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For strictly running (fast walking) I have been wearing Asic's for years and years (so has my twin who has been running close to 30 yrs). New Balance are also very nice-esp if you have wider feet!! When I was heavy into aerobics all I wore were Ryka-I just bought a couple pairs of Ryka for walking. The lasts are based on a female foot rather than a male foot.
Too me Nike hasn't has the quality for a number of years and have overpriced their shoes.
Buying tip: Call local sporting good store and find out when the "new" models are coming. The stores usually offer good deals on "last years" models!!
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I love my Asics!!! They're so light and comfortable, provide excellent support, and also have mesh in the right spots to keep your feet a bit cooler as well.

I didn't know Merrell did running shoes though! I love my Merrell casual shoes, and have worn nothing but Merrell casual shoes (I live in them) for the past 6 years or so, and only just onto my second pair last year.
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I prefer casual/"skate" shoes. My brand of choice is Vans, but I've also had a nice pair of Circas. I like them because they are comfortable and I like the look of them. Also, they have a decent amout of padding, so my feet don't freeze in winter. Downsides.....very little traction on ice. Also, they are expensive. The ones I just bought came in just over $100 Cdn with tax. BUT, they last me over a year of wear (and I wear them EVERY day). Any time I've bought cheaper (non-brand name or cheaper brand) shoes, I've regretted it when they wear out 3 months down the road.

I like basic, dark coloured shoes, because I keep them for so long and white/light colours would really darken. I prefer blacks and browns, but blue is good. My favourite colour, though, is red. I had a pair of red Vans in high school that were wicked!

I buy new ones when the backing has worn away enough to cut my heel. I waited to toss out the Circas because it was the spring thaw/freeze time of year in Ontario and I didn't want to end up with salt stains on my new shoes. Those ones ended up having a hole in the right sole that was so big, mud would seep in and my shoe would end up full of sand when it dried out. Yikes!

Anyway, love my new Vans.
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