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Ugh I feel down today (boys use caution)

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It started last night and doesn't help that its THAT TIME.

My pants were extremely tight before going to class, and by the time I left class I had to race home and rip them off because my butt and thighs were ready to burst.

Then right before class started the teacher thanked the guy behind me for all his contributions in the discussion threads she had set up. Never mind I posted just as much or anyone else in the class. So with my you-know-what some jealousy and depression started to kick in.

Then this morning I logged into that discussion board and a point that I thought I had so eloquently proved was argued with because I found out that the source I used was from 1998 and the law I had argued with had changed since.

Oh and 2 people I'm close with get to leave work at 1:00 pm because their office is shutting down. I can't leave early (and have never worked anywhere that allowed me to) without taking PTO.

Thank goodness I'm going to have a few sangrias afterwork!!!! I need them!!!

Thanks for listening...err reading.
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HUG,, all will be good once you get home.
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One of those days huh.
We have all had them so no worries
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it gets better. I'm sure it will.
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Hopefully your day will get better....have a sangeria for me!
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You enjoy your sangrias and don't let it stress you
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Thanks! I feel a little better now. I just responded back to the post in the discussion (I have this thing that I must always be right ) and basically didn't disprove what the student responded to, but added to it.

I also thanked her for proving to me that I shouldn't speak or talk before 10:00 am as I often read things incorrectly (which is true - I skim so much in the morning that I often skim whole, critical sections).

(I did add an LOL at the end to show I wasn't trying to be mean.).

Well, MAYBE they'll call work off at 1 or 2 pm. If they do it'll be the first time since I've worked there.
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post

(I did add an LOL at the end to show I wasn't trying to be mean.)
Sometimes it's difficult to read how people are really sounding on the other end of a pc?
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awww hon everyone has days like that and the best solution is a good chick flick (or whatever your preference is!) a hot bath, chocolate, and alcohol (just watch the salt- it might make you bloat and well that'd make everything worse!) OMG and what is it with our pants magically shrinking on us throughout the day!how annoying!
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Lots of sangria (and some chocolate) sound really good to me!!
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Mmmm...the sangria was great! My friend and I split a carafe of it and ate some italian food. I think I wound up drinking 3 glasses of sangria

I just hope my PMS signs go away soon...I'm just glad I don't have class tomorrow so I plan on working out in the morning.
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