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New kitty problems.

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Well I have a few questions. I am having a little bit of trouble with Kiki and the new kitty (Tigris).

Problem # 1

Kiki has started to urinate in other places besides her box. I know it is because of the new little kitty (Tigris) that we got. I have three litter boxes throughout the house and Kiki just refuses. I caught her in the bathroom today. What can I do? She has never done this before. Tigris is using one of the boxes in the house, so there are two others that are free. Any ideas would be great.

Problem # 2

I am feeding Tigris hard kitten food and Kiki adult food. I just switched Kiki about a month ago to adult formula. Now she is eating Tigris' kitten food. I keep food out all day for them to munch on. That is what Kiki is used to. I tried set feeding times but Kiki likes to munch when she wants. I feed a tablespoon of soft in the morning and evening for both. What can I do to keep Kiki from eating the kitten food?

Thanks for all the help.
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Hi Nicki

Kiki might have a problem with a urinary tract infection and not be able to help going outside the litter box. You should make an appointment with your vet as soon as you can and have her checked out. If ignored, it could escalate into some nasty problems for both of you.

Once that has been checked out and cleared as okay- you need to look at how clean the boxes are kept. Cats are finicky and some will not go in a dirty box. How often do you scrub the boxes and replace all the litter? How private a place are the boxes in? Do you need a bigger box, a covered box? A different brand of litter? All of these things need to be explored once Kiki has been examined.

About the kitty food, there is really no way to stop an adult cat from eating kitten food. Mine eat it all the time, as I have kittens arriving here off and on. I finally have just started mixing the two together so the adults get what they need as do the kittens. You can always feed in different rooms- but if you free-feed that won't work.

You can try using a large cardboard box and cutting a hole in it that is big enough only for the kitten to go in and feeding the kitten inside the box. Just tip the box over and cut the hole then weight the top down and show the kitten the food is now inside the box. That will only work while Tigris is smaller than Kiki.
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Thanks for the info Hissy.

I have an appointment with the vet in the morning. I just assumed that it was because of the new kitty. I went and got a few more litter boxes. I am putting them all over the house. I think I have 2 on each floor, 6 all together. I made sure to put one in the bathroom. I think Kiki is using them. I have not caught her doing it anywhere else. Just in case I am going to take her to the vet. It is better to be safe than sorry.

I scoop the boxes twice a day and I wash them with soap and water every three days. I tried using covered ones before but Kiki thought that it was a place for her to play and she would just go nuts in it.

As for the food, I am taking your advice and mixing it. That way as you said they will both get what they need.

I really appreciate the help.
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Like hissy said, litter box problems can come from different causes. The first thing to do is check for FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. Once that is ruled out (or treated), next thing to do is take a good hard look at the litter box. Here's an article that might help:
The Litter Box - How to Make Sure Your Cat Uses It
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Kiki is fine according to the vet. Very healthy little girl I might add!!

I think that I may have jumped to conclusions with the urinating problem. I don't think it was Kiki, I think it was Tigris. Boy do I feel bad now!!!!! I caught Tigris in the bathroom doing her thing. I went and bought more litter boxes. I think I have 7 all together!LOL It is working though. No more accidents. I did take the nasty carpet up in the bathroom. There was tile under it. I think that this helped too.

Thanks for the help. It is so great waking up in the morning with one girl in the right arm and one in the left!!! I love it!!!
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Glad to hear that the litter box issue has stopped, those are always so unpleasnent.

General rule of thumb, for every cat you have, each gets it's own box, for ever level of our house, there should be another box, per cat.

As far as the food issue, really the only thing you can do, is feed them seperately in the morning and at night (and in the afternoon for the kitten if you have time.) Put them in different rooms, behind shut doors until they have each had their own fill.
It can be a hassel but it works!

If I didn't, then I would have 2 fat cats fighting for food, and one OOBER skinny cat who never got to eat anything.
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