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Dillon/Success in giving pills

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Hello again.

I have read a lot about people having trouble giving cats pills and believe me, I had 15 years of it with Toby and Dillon and a further 4 worse years with Dillon. In the last 5 years, it was absolutely impossible to get a pill down him, the vet poo pooed it until I asked her to give it him and even she couldnt do it. For some reason, this works (bearing in mind this is a nasty tasting pill that made him froth from the mouth when I shoved it in his mouth before).
Crush the pill finely (very finely) with tablesp), crush even finer (checking with magnifying glass) with teasp. Add very small amount (eighth to quarter teasp of olivio marg), mix carefully folding and chopping. Always check the plate thoroughly to make sure not one spec of the tablets is left not mixed in (he will know and remember !!) One or two nights feed on its own (if the cat eats it), change after 3 days, add either, very small pieces of cooked lamb squashed carefully into marg to make a small sort of cake about the size of 10p bit, or the meat in pork pie (this works best with my cat) very small pieces sqaushed into the marg again, or fresh chicken, or the mince out of a tin warmed up, just a couple of teasp added to the marg mixture and stir this one). Always keep the portion very small as you want the whole tablet eaten up. Bear in mind its best to change around a bit every 3 or 4 days, I have been doing this for weeks now, with no distress to Dillon or me, no fighting, no squeezing his already sore teeth. I dont worry about giving him treats that arent supposed to be good for him as long as they are in small amounts. I know this is a bit long but as long as it helps someone get the pills down with the least distress, it is worth a go.
Hope it helps.
Best Wishes
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Thanks Chris! My guess is that the pill you describe is Flagyl? April Joy had a horrible intestinal disturbance over a year ago and it was h*ll trying to shoot a pill down her throat. The vet techs act like it is so easy but it isn't. Thank you for the helpful advice.
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i've become a pro at pilling cats. actually, i got a "pill gun" from the vet for $3 and viola! pill is in and on its way down before the kitty knows she's swallowed it.

before i got the "gun" we wrapped up kitty in blanket/towel, covering all extremities. hubby would hold by the scruff and pull head back by gently placing his fingers under the jaw. i would then throw the pill down.

it's a two person job but the pill gun was a blessing....all for $3.

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We mashed the pill up and mixed it with sour cream. Peaches is a dairy nut and will eat anything remotely resembling dairy except yogurt. We changed off with some meat baby food. I never tried margerine. Next time someone needs pilling. No one does at present, thank goodness.
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