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heart murmur

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My 2 1/2 yr old dsh boy was diagnosed with a stage 2 heart murmur. (possibly stage 1-stress may have elevated it) I understand the techinal definition, but what does this mean in regard to his overall health, special care, longevity, etc? Appreciate any info. Love this little guy!
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I dont have any experience with Murmur's. You might want to check this link out though.
http://www.vetinfo.com/cmurmur.html#Heart murmur
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Thank you for the link Sandie. It was more informative than other sites I've researched. However it has left me even more concerned. I still hope to hear from others whose cats have this condition and can share their experiences, treatments. Thanks
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what did your vet say? didn't she/her give you any instructions?
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The vet was performing emergency surgery. He examined my cat in the O.R. and then sent his assistant out talk to me. The assistant just said if I switched vets it was important to inform them of this condition.
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Can you contact the vet? I really think he needs to provide you with more information and instructions. In this case it it really the treatment that the cat should be given. I would remind him that he had been busy at the time and ask for a few minutes of his time to give you all the details.

You may also try this link:

It has several case studies of heart murmurs that you may find interesting. Click on the tabs that say heart murmur at the top of the page.

Let us know how it's going.
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I couldn't speak to my vet (in surgery again) but another vet at the hospital called me back. He said that there's no reason my boy shouldn't live a long and healthy life. I'm very releived! I am a little concerned that my vet is so unavailable, but since my older cat hid his head in the crook of the guy's arm during his visit, I figure I'll continue to use him. If my cats trust someone than I tend to as well. Thankyou both for your replies. This is a great forum. Thanks so much! (oh by the way, Atticus and Elijah are the boys's names- just realized I never mentioned that. Atticus is the one I was fretting over!)
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Hello. I'm new at the murmur so i am relieved to hear that your cat, who has the grade 2 heart murmur was said to live a long life.. my 8-9 week old kitten has that condition and was told he may outgrow it... i just dont know what is all involved with owning a kitty who has this codition... I just adopted him you see... a long and sad story.. basically the breeder sent the litter to the petstore to be sold, who the had health checks done, he came back positive for it and a overbite. he was supposed tobe put down, except vet had a kind heart.. gave him to a rescue group for special kitties.. and i found him a week later and brought him home.. to make it short 'n sweet... and thats him.. sweet... lovable... kind... gentle... easy going kitty... anyways.. i'm happy to know that its not a death sentence. and those 2 websites that was posted before... i'm going to take a look at them myself as well...
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