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There are a couple of posts containing advertising links throughout, as if the notes had been created around them... has anyone else noticed? They're from Grendel and Luvthosepaws.
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Thank you for being so alert! Nomally to report a thread, we click the "report post" icon (the red triangle) that you'll notice in the top right hand corner of the post.

I wonder if this thread may help explain the advertisements?
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I find it a little intrusive as I have to move the cursor off the text of the post or something or another will pop up an advertisement obscuring the text. I was also a little upset that my cats names come up as adverts. I was a bit worried my computer had been hit by some sort of viral thing, but at least it's not that!

I'm not keen on advertising but since I can't afford to keep TCS up and running myself I can't really complain
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