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*cuteness Warning*

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Here are pics of my 2-3 week old temporary foster kittens! There are 3 orange males, 1 orange female, 1 tortie female, & 1 patched tabby. Actually, I didn't sex any but the orange 4! I'm assuming on the others.

The E litter

(the runt is in the corner alone)

The one sticking his tongue out is the runt, who I am very concerned about(wouldn't take the bottle)

I'm not falling asleep...

The cutest one My little Emmy
The Tortie(look at the orange face to the right!)

I forsee the tortie being trouble when she's older! LOL

The runt...alone in his corner, hungry & thin
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aww they are adorable!!!
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How much does Mr. Runt weigh?
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Um i currently have about 4 pockets.....can i borrow them?
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I have no weights. I couldn't find the scale tonight. He's 1/2 the size of the others. No bones showing...but has thin little legs & always seems kinda chilled. I've got him on a warm rice bag to bring up his temp....hopefully, when I feed them again shortly, he will be warmer & eat better!
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Awww...they are just precious! We took in 3 last year that had to be bottle feed. The runt wouldn't eat at first, but with enough time he did, and he would fall asleep on my shoulder after he ate. In the box, he was actually scared of his sisters so he would hide in the corner too. I just love the runts. Of course, now he is the biggest of the 3 "kittens" and is a pain in the butt! He'll be fine with enough time and love.
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Oh my, I wish I could take the little runt. He looks lonely. They are all sweet but that little guy tugs at my heartstrings
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Yup, I have a thing for runts

And that little patched tabby!!! She is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!
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Natalie!!!! They're SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cute!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post

Um i currently have about 4 pockets.....can i borrow them?
I've got a small suitcase here in my office so i'm sure i could find room as well

Their truly gorgeous!!!
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AND a little Rosie-contender in there, too!

They're gorgeous. That always makes me cry, knowing that people abandon little babies like that. I hate people sometimes.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I've got a small suitcase here in my office so i'm sure i could find room as well

Their truly gorgeous!!!
Oh, now I've gone and gotten my kitten fix! I have a very roomy gym bag they would all fit in. They could have the run of the it
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Thank goodness everyone else has pockets, gym bags and suitcases to put those adorable ones in! That leaves me free to just oooh and awwww over their cutenss! I hope that the little runt starts improving!
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OMG, I so want an orange
They are all adorable though
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Awww, they are soooo cute! And I just adore the little runt Harley was the runt of his litter too... and now he's 16lbs! Sooo cute Natalie! Keep the pics coming!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I forsee the tortie being trouble when she's older! LOL
Who's this little orange one! I like that one
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All tortis are all trouble when they grow up - mine is.

I have a nice warm spot right down the front of my shirt, nestled next to my heart to keep little mister Runt warm (the dreaded bra can be some use to keep him from sliding!)
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Awwww....they're so cute!! I love orange tabbies...I want all the boys (especially the runt), but Pat says we're at the limit. (Do you think he'd notice another orange tabby around the house?)
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ooooooooh, they are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have I mentioned lately that I want a kitten?????!!!!
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Im such a pushover, If there is a pathetic runt in my foster litter, I ALWAYS adopt it. Luckily there have only been 2 such cases, and they grew up to be the best cats you could ask for! I love my runts!
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So far, I've named the patched tabby Emma & the runt is Ephram. He is doing well, I was so worried about him last night....but he's eaten so good & he just looks a million times healthier this morning.

And, of course, I've got more pics coming later!
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The little runt is just making my heart ache!
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Oh, they are all so adorable!! I want one or two!!
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You're right, the Tortie WILL be trouble when she grows up.
Our Annabelle is, but like my Vet told me..."All Torties are crazy"

I swear if I lived closer to you, I'd take the runt in a heartbeat.
He's so precious.
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Oh, I'm so relieved about Ephram!
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Those kittens are SOOOOOO ADORABLE! Here is the problem I would have fostering, I just freaked out seeing those pics! I cry at commercials with cats/kittens! When a helpless animal is in my path, I of course assure its safety from that point. Tortie does look like that trouble you can't help but love!
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i feel so bad for them all, especially Ephram.........makes me just want to cry. I want them all.
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