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Brothers w/sudden, aggressive behavior!

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Hi everyone. This is my first exposure to this site and I'm hoping someone here has some suggestions.

I have two 3 year old brothers that were both fixed very early and have been entirely indoor cats from the day they came home at 11 weeks (never a second outside). They get along perfectly, sleeping in each others arms and licking each other all the time, with just a rare friendly tussle.

Last night, I was awoken by the sound of crashing and banging and saw Kasha (the smaller, more mischievous alpha cat) banging around a hall corner, panicked by a plastic CVS bag wound around his torso (no doubt the product of his curiosity). In hot pursuit was Kipper (the bigger, calmer, submissive cat). I grabbed Kasha and unwound the plastic bag from his legs.

I thought everything would end there but it didn't. The two started hissing and growling at each other, the first time I've ever heard those sounds from either. When I tried to get in between them, they hissed and growled at me.

This continued throughout the night. Now, a full day later, they've divided the house. Kasha is upstairs, cowering under beds. When he emerges, Kipper (the previously submissive cat) lunges at him and hisses, and Kasha withdraws, hissing back. Kipper also stooled today in the downstairs (his litter box is upstairs). Kasha seems a little scared, Kipper seems hypervigilent, but when separated, they both act more or less like themselves (and we have separated them, Kasha staying in my sister's room, Kipper with me)

I'm still concerned, though. Could this all just be a reaction from Kasha's panic from being caught in the bag? Since Kipper seems to be looking to attack Kasha at any sight and he stooled downstairs, should I take him to the vet? Should I take both (since I've read healthy cats will occasionally attack sick cats)?

Help! Thanks!

- Garris
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Maybe someone else will jump in here, but here is my first reaction...

When a cat is REALLY stressed, just like a person, their smell can change. My guess is that Kipper may not "recognize" Kasha and is acting like he's a stranger. There are 3 things I can think of:

1) wait it out: his hormones will go back to normal
2) get a Feliway diffuser or spray - it mimics the pheremones that cats give out when happy
3) apply vanilla flavoring to each cat - just a bit - on the back of their necks. Then they will recognize each other's smell.
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Welcome to TCS!!

kluchetta just listed my suggestions!

I'd try the vanilla trick. Definately invest in some Feliway. And put away plastic bags. Seems they look like fun until they go all "evil" & chase the kitties back!
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