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Goldie is gone and I am so sick over it..

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First let me tell you Goldie's story. She was at the shelter where I volunteer and animal control brought her to us because her owner died. Her ears were so infected she had to have double ear surgery and the vets closed the canals which left Goldie deaf and she had a dental, too and felt so much better. She was obviously neglected and mistreated for years and we worked with Goldie.

and adopted with a pomeranian we adopted out and they said she tried to "eat" him so they brought Goldie back. Then she was adopted to an elderly lady who wanted an animal to grow old with her and I am sure she loved Goldie. She had her for 2 months and brought her back because she said she had an incontinent problem. She knew Goldie was special needs and said she just couldn't handle her anymore. So she was brought back and Goldie came back so lost and confused. We loved her so much.

She was recently adopted to an elderly man who is 80 and we do follow ups to see how they are doing and I guess the guy had her outside un attended which wasn't his fault but she is deaf and can't hear and I guess he couldn't get her back inside, so someone stole her and put her in the back of a truck and she jumped out and was killed. I think out of all the people that loved her the most was us at the shelter. I bawled when I got home. Of course it wasn't the guy's fault that adopted her but it could have been prevented. It sucks that she never had a chance to live, never a chance to live a normal life and now she's gone forever.

It's all surreal to me right now.. I can't believe she's gone, I just can't. I would always take her outside and she would wag her little tail and look up at me with trusting eyes. I told her she'd get to live a normal life and be happy but she really never had a chance and that's what kills me. She really touched my heart and I will never forget her, ever. She will always be in my heart even though she wasn't mine, I just loved her like she was.. that's how I love all the animals at my shelter and she didn't have to die a tragic death like this. She could have lived happily ever after with that guy and I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

I am so sorry, Goldie, I am just sooo sorry. I hope you know that we loved you the most, especially me.
I hope to get to see you again one day. Play hard at the bridge sweetie, I know you'll make lots of friends there because you were such a special girl and will indeed be a special girl at the bridge. I am just so sorry your life had to end this way. I hope the jerks that stole you get what's coming to them!

She was a 10 year old dalmatian

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Thats horrible!! May the sweet angel RIP!
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That is such a heartbreaking story! I'm sure that Goldie is living a pain free, happy life at the rainbow bridge now
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and she took your love with her through all her troubles. They never forget love. Swift wings, little girl. You found a place in a person's heart. Play healthy and free at the Bridge.
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That is so sad Oh Goldie you beautiful girl with your beautiful spots may you find the love you deserve now. Rest In Peace Baby.
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oh so sorry, rest in peace.
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Oh goodness, as if the poor baby hasn't been through enough already

Run and play at the bridge Goldie, theres lots of new friends waiting for you

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Rest in Peace Goldie.

Know that you will be missed.
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For me it's always the ones that never get that happy life that are the hardest to deal with.

RIP Goldie knowing that you were loved and enjoy life over the bridge. She can hear the bird sign again.
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Oh my. How awfully sad...poor Goldie She knew that you loved her though, and she did feel real love in her life...even if it was from you and the other shelter staff.

Rest in Peace sweetheart
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RIP and play happily at the Bridge Goldie.
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That is such a sad story, Goldie is now healthy over at the Bridge.

RIP Goldie
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
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How sad.

RIP Goldie
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