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Holy Mackros

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Hey all!
Wow has it been a while or what?! It's like I log on here, and I kinda feel at home. I was able to log in the past few weeks, but not able to post. Cellphone internet isnt the greatest. And then all my passwords got stolen again, and all kinds of stuff.
I now have internet, IN
Oh yes, in Florida. I live in FLORIDA. I can hardly believe it most days. It's so nice down here, everyone is so nice. ooohhh, it might be heaven. Untill a hurricane comes and sucks me in. But that's another story.
Anyways-Just thought I'd pop in before bed, and let you all know, I will be back here, in full force, soon. I'm still looking for jobs, daycares, etc...
Wisconsin to Florida. Yes. Love it.
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Hey girl!

We have GOT to get together. My schedule has been so hectic. Let's plan something this weekend?

Oh and I have daycare info for you.... low cost at that
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Hi there! So, you moved from Wisconsin?
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glad to see you made it
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Aww Leah- it's great to see you back in the threads!!! I hope all is going well for you and that gorgeous little girl of yours!!!
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YaY!! So glad to see you have made an "appearance"

Hope to see you around now!!
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Glad you love your new home!
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So Leah are you used to our Southern Drawls yet?
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Hi Leah! Welcome back!

Enjoy FL...especially the summer months
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I'm so glad to see you popped in! Enjoy Florida for all of us still stuck up here in MN/WI!
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Oh yes, It's great down here.
And dixiedarlin-I tried to call you back, but no answer. And in fact, my SO just left yesterday to go get all our stuff out of storage in Wisconsin, and he's not back untill Sunday night, so I'm free for your taking. But I have my daughter, so no strippers.
Anyways-Brandi I have noticed the different accent down here, and you all say Wisconsin really funny.
It's like WESconsin. There's a couple other words that I laugh at, because it's not REALLY that different, but different enough to notice.
And I just got my Florida lisence, they dont put your wieght on there though, and they make you look way tanner.
But I'm not driving down here. It's crazy.
But I've got to get some laundry done, so I'll be back later.
Love you all!
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Congrats on the new move.Hope you are able to post often now.
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