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~Help I got Pudding in my hair~

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~haha Puddin found out where I keep my hair extensions! I caught her just in time to avoid getting too much PUDDIN in them though...she has a thing for tearing up MY things lately haha she has chewed up one each of 3 pairs of heels....2 pair of sunglasses....a 100 dollar bill....and now my expensive hair extensions haha...what am I gonna do with this girl?~ Thing is she gets MY things...then plots up on HER ottoman with them right in front of my desk as to say "Hey Mom Look At Me Arent You PROUD?~

Bad thing is I cant be mad at her...she is just so darn cute...I always take time to take a pic before nabbing my items back hah!
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lol Boy, I can't wait for my babies to get to that stage our St. Bernard puppy does the same thing. She picks something up to chew it, and when we take it away from her she looks at us like, "huh? wait...noooooo...why are you taking it????", with her sad little puppy eyes. hehe
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She is soooo adorable!!

You definately couldn't be annoyed at that gorgeous baby!
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what a cutie!!
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aww what a cute baby with expensive taste =)
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awww how cute! you have a lil diva on your hands there!

speaking of kittens in hair, one just climbed up on my back and is laying on my shoulders snuggling up in mine!
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That is one kitten with an eye for style, she needs her own show on E!
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~haha her own show...shhh dont tell her...she will be packing for Hollywood.....Ive had a reallly REALLY bad day! I drove 3 hours to my in and my 3 kids...and I had a blow out! I was going 70 mph...almost lost control of my SUV and skid across the road in front of a semi...sheesh I quickly pulled foward to avoided being SMASHED! Then I couldnt reach any family member....changed the tire MYSELF! Semi's etc was passing so close to my SUV I could almost feel them! Kids were DYING because it was 87 degree's! Finally after hour and half I had the spare on....then on way home I had to drive a trailor attached to the back so I can move some things this week....I have never drove with a trailor on the back so it felt WEIRD! I drove 55 all way home haha but right now Puddin is laying on my back pulling my hair! I guess she is mad I was gone all day. She bites and pulls my hair haha little meanie but I MISSED HER~
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Pudding sure is cute! I have been away for a while, how old is Pudding?
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